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 Guidelines for Poster Presentations Minimize


The poster display area for graphics and a textual summary is 4 feet (height) × 8 feet (wide). Each space has a 15 feet × 4 feet table area in front of it where handouts or samples may be placed. Text should be limited to four or five pages of double-spaced, 16-20 point text. Mounting supplies are not provided by SAA; presenters need to have their own pushpins or double-sided tape for their displays. Electricity is not available.


At the top of each poster, the title and authors should be clearly displayed. It is recommended that this information be 6 inches in height and up to 8 feet long in order for it to be highly visible to attendees.

Author's Presence

How much time presenters spend with their posters is up to them. Since one of the clear advantages of poster presentations is sustained interaction with the "audience," SAA urges presenters to spend as much of the two hours as possible with their material.


If you have questions, contact SAA's Manager, Membership and Marketing, at 202.789.8200 or e-mail membership@saa.org.


 Save the Dates

April 10 - 14 Albuquerque, New Mexico


April 22 - 26
Austin, Texas


April 14 - 18
San Francisco, California


March 30 - April 3
Chicago, Illinois

March 29 - April 2
Portland, Oregon

April 3 - 7
Washington, DC