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Important Reminders:

  • There is no longer a separate organizer role. A session chair now serves the organizer function in a symposium. The moderator serves the organizer function of either a forum or a debate.
  • You may only have the role of chair or co-chair once. You may have more than one moderator role.
  • There is a new format available for organized sessions – the Debate. It is similar in structure to the forum. See Call for details.
  • The length of the required abstract is 200 words.
  • Guidelines for forums in terms of numbers of participants are as follows: 3 discussants and 1 moderator minimum; 8 discussants and 1 moderator maximum
  • Q&A option: In organized symposia, a chair may include one question and answer slot per seven presenters. See Call for details.


All submissions, both session and individual, must be made via the web by Thursday, September 6, 2018, 3pm Eastern Time. The submissions system will shut down at that time. Staff will be available to assist prior to 3pm. As all submissions will be made via the web, there is no grace period nor are there any late fees. There is no flexibility to the deadline. The web allows you to make changes until the submissions deadline. For details, see “Editing Submissions” under Section II “Submissions Policies.”

Evaluation Process

After the deadline, the Program Committee will begin evaluating each submission for substance of contribution. After reviewing a submission, the Program Committee may recommend changes. Any such recommendations are based on the nature of the material to be presented and do not reflect a low ranking by the committee. The Program Committee may request that individual papers or an entire session be converted to poster format.

The Program Committee’s decision to accept or decline the submission will be emailed to individual contributors and organizers of symposia, workshops, forums, and poster sessions by December 5, 2018.


Submissions (and presentations) may be made in English, Spanish, Portuguese, or French. Abstracts will be published in the language in which they are submitted. For those authors who also wish to publish an English translation of their abstracts, please email the English translation to meetings@saa.org identifying the author and session name (if applicable).


If you have questions concerning the submission policies, processes, or forms,
please contact the SAA headquarters office at +1-202-559-7382, or meetings@saa.org.
SAA will refer individuals to the Program Committee Chair.


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