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Membership Requirement

It is a privilege of membership to be a participant in the Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. Participants in SAA’s 2019 Annual Meeting must hold a 2019 membership in the Society.

Current members must renew by the close of the grace period on January 30, 2019. If you are a current 2018 member, please wait to pay 2019 dues until you receive your renewal notice. SAA will not begin accepting 2019 membership payments until after September 17th. If you do not renew your 2019 membership by the close of the grace period on January 30, 2019, the Board of Directors will reject the pending submission. If the Board rejects a submission for noncompliance with the renewal requirement that action would supercede any action from the Program Committee.

Nonmembers must apply for SAA membership no later than November 15, 2018. Nonmembers may join via the web for 2019 after September 17, 2018 using the login and password created to access the meeting submission module. Should a submission from a current nonmember be rejected, that individual would be able to rescind their 2019 membership application and receive a full refund of the membership application fee. If the membership process is not completed by the November 15, 2018 deadline, the submission from the nonmember will be rejected by the Board of Directors. If the Board rejects a submission for noncompliance with the membership requirement that action would supercede any action by the Program Committee.

Should a submission be rejected by the Board of Directors for noncompliance with the membership requirement by the stated deadlines (November 15, 2018 for nonmembers to join and January 30, 2019 for current members to renew), the registration fee will be refunded minus a $25 processing fee.

Registration Fees

All presenters, chairs, moderators, and discussants are required to pay the established registration fee for the Annual Meeting at the time they submit. For participants who prefer not to pay using the web-based payment system, there is an option to print a summary form and fax or mail your payment to SAA. Payments must be received and processed before a session or individual paper is eligible to submit for review. Registration fees can be found on the web-based submission system.


Registration fees for withdrawn presentations will be refunded by the SAA office—minus a $25 processing fee—upon receipt of written request (no verbal requests, please) postmarked by December 1, 2018.


An individual who is invited to participate in a session at the Annual Meeting in order to present information for the benefit of SAA members and who is neither an archaeologist nor a professional in a field whose members would normally belong to the SAA may have the membership requirement waived. Normally, in such cases, the individual’s registration fee should also be reduced to the member rate; in rare instances, and only for the most compelling reasons, the registration fee may be waived entirely.

Session organizers will be able to enter a waiver request for participants while setting up their session on the web. Decisions under this policy will normally be made by the Executive Director.

Editing Submissions

A submission can be edited at any time before the close of submisssions (September 6, 2018, 3pm Eastern Time). Once the submission deadline hits, no changes may be made.

Number of Roles

No individual may have more than three participant roles (presenter, chair, moderator, or discussant) during the Annual Meeting, nor may s/he be a presenter or chair/co-chair more than once. The web-based submission system will provide each participant with a role summary page.

The only exceptions to the review process and the three-role rule are the opening and plenary sessions, and “SAA sessions” that are mandated by the SAA Board (see below for details).

SAA Sessions

“SAA sessions” are sessions mandated by the board in furtherance of key Society goals. The President’s Invited Forum is an “SAA session.” “SAA sessions” are exempt from the review process and the three-role rule. Non-SAA members who participate only in SAA sessions may be exempt from the membership requirement and the registration fee.

If you are organizing an exempt session, you will need to contact the SAA office (meetings@saa.org) prior to setting up your session in order that staff may designate the session as “exempt.” This will give exempt session participants who have reached their maximum number of roles the ability to participate in the session.

Sponsored and Invited Sessions

The designation “sponsored” indicates the support of an SAA committee, interest group, or an organization outside SAA. For example, the Fryxell Symposium is a sponsored symposium by the Fryxell Award Committee. The designation “invited” reflects a special status and role within the meeting, as defined by the Program Committee chair. All sponsored and invited sessions are subject to review by the Program Committee and must conform to Annual Meeting policies. These sessions must also conform to regular scheduled deadlines. Because numerous committees wish to sponsor sessions, the Program Committee must balance such requests with other program goals; as a result, in some circumstances, requests for sponsored sessions may be rejected.


An abstract of 200 words is required from each presenter. Individuals may only submit one abstract for consideration. No abstract may list more than five authors. The author is responsible for clarity, content, spelling, and grammar. Titles of abstracts should be presented in lowercase letters with initial letters of key words in capitals.

Abstracts to be Available Online

Abstracts of all accepted presentations will be published in a searchable PDF format on SAAweb approximately one month prior to the meeting. A paper volume will no longer be published. At the meeting, computer kiosks will be available to view the document.

Audiovisual Equipment

Each room is equipped with the following standard setup:
• one LCD projector and cable
Laptops will be provided by the session organizer who also has (or may delegate to a session participant) the responsibility of loading all presentations prior to the session. In general sessions, a chair will be selected by the Program Committee. The Chair will provide the laptop and load the presentations in advance of the session.
• one screen
• a laser pointer
• a countdown timer
Individuals who wish to order and pay for additional equipment must contact the SAA staff for audiovisual rental information.


If you have questions concerning the submission policies, processes, or forms,
please contact the SAA headquarters office at +1-202-559-7382, or meetings@saa.org.
SAA will refer individuals to the Program Committee Chair.


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