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 — Dienje Kenyon Memorial Fellowship —

Current Committee Charge: The committee solicits nominations and selects recipients for the Dienje Kenyon Memorial Fellowship. The fellowship is presented in support of research by women students in the early stages of their archaeological training. It is presented in honor of Dienje Kenyon.

Committee Composition: Committee composition is chair and at least four members.

Term Length: Term length is three years. Individuals ending their terms cycle off the committee at the close of the Business Meeting held during the annual SAA Meeting, and new appointees begin their terms at this time.

Award Cycle: Not applicable.

Committee Chair and End of Term: Frank E. Bayham [2017]

*Committee Chair Contact Information: Frank E. Bayham, California State University, Chico, Dept. of Anthropology, Chico, CA 95929-0400, Tel: (530) 898-4540, Email: fbayham@csuchico.edu

Committee Members and Ends of Terms: Emily Lena Jones[2015], Sarah B. McClure [2017], Katherine M. Moore [2017], Erin Thornton [2015]

Committee on Awards Chair: Heather A. Lapham [2015]

Board Liaison to Award Committees: Suzanne K. Fish [2015]

*Award Description: In honor of the late Dienje M. E. Kenyon, a fellowship is offered to support the research of women archaeologists in the early stages of their graduate training. An award of $500 will be made to a student pursuing research in zooarchaeology, which was Kenyon's specialty. To qualify for the award, applicants must be in the early years of an M.A. or Ph.D. graduate degree program focusing on archaeology. Strong preference will be given to students in the first two years of their graduate program working with faculty members with zooarchaeological expertise.

*Who Is Eligible to Submit Nominations or Apply for the Award: Female graduate students in archaeology are eligible to apply, with preference for students in first two years of training working with faculty members with zooarchaeological experience.

*Nomination/Submission Materials Required: Any submission for the Dienje Kenyon Fellowship is required to have 1) a statement of proposed research related to zooarchaeology, toward the conduct of which the award would be applied, of no more than 1500 words, including a brief statement indicating how the award would be spent in support of that research, 2) a curriculum vita, and 3) two letters of support from individuals familiar with the applicant's work and research potential (one of these letters must be from the student's primary advisor, and must indicate the year in which the applicant began graduate studies). The statement of proposed research and curriculum vita should be sent as an email attachment in Microsoft Word to the committee chair. Letters of support should be e-mailed separately by the people providing them.

*Nomination/Submission Deadline: December 15, 2014

Other Special Requirements: In addition to the statement of proposed research and a curriculum vita, two letters of support from individuals familiar with the applicant's work and research potential are required. One of these letters must be from the student's primary advisor, and must indicate the year in which the applicant began graduate studies.

Selection or Evaluation Criteria: Successful applications will demonstrate that the fellowship will make a significant contribution to the applicant’s research as well as to zooarchaeology. In addition, the application should be complete and well-thought out.

Committee Deliberation Process (e.g. dates, venue): The committee will meet electronically to evaluate the applications once the submission deadline has passed.

Nature of Award (e.g. monetary, medal, symposium): The winning applicant will receive a $500 fellowship in order to complete the research detailed in the statement of research. In addition, the awardee is recognized by the SAA through a plaque presented during the business meeting held at the Annual Meeting, a citation in The SAA Archaeological Record, and acknowledgment on the awards page of the SAA Website.


2014    Sarah Raffae MacIntosh

Sarah MacIntosh is awarded the Dienje Kenyon Fellowship in recognition of her accomplishments and the potential of her research to further zooarchaeological inquiry. In her dissertation, Sarah explores how the development of bone and antler tool technologies relates to changes in sociopolitical organization, economy, and ethnic identity at the Central Anatolian site of Kaman-Kalehӧyük from the Early Bronze to Iron Age (3000-1200BCE). Using archaeological collections from Kaman-Kalehoyuk, including observation of surface modification and use wear via scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and computed tomography (CT), as well as experimental studies on bone tool manufacture, Sarah will explore the relationship between shifts in sociopolitical organization and technological innovation. Sarah's research addresses a significant gap in our understanding of bone tools and bone technologies, particularly in the study area, and will contribute to a zooarchaeological understanding of the role of bone tools and technological innovation in the development of complex societies.

2013    Shoshana Rosenberg

2012    Angela Perri

2011    Carla Hadden

2010    Ashley Sharpe

2009    Kayla P. Pettit

2008    Sarah G. Bergh

2007    Jennifer L. Henecke

2006    Sarah Elizabeth Mistak

2005    Michelle LeFebvre

2004    Jamie Clark

2003    Elizabeth Arnold

2002    Elizabeth Espy

2001    Briana Pobiner

2000    Rhonda Bathurst