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 Presidential Recognition Award Minimize

Instituted in 1990 to permit SAA to recognize individuals who have provided extraordinary services to the society and the profession in the past year. Awardees are determined by the president of the society, in consultation with members of the Executive Board.


2017       Jeffrey Altschul
               Barbara Arroyo

               Task Force on Gender Disparities in Archaeological Grant Submissions
               Amity Pueblo Task Force
               Task Force on Archaeological Survey Data Quality, Durability, and Use
               Task Force on Regional Planning
               Task Force on Valuing Archaeological Resources

               Task Force on Professional Archaeologists, Avocational Archaeologists,and                    
                        Responsible Artifact Collectors Relationships
               Task Force on Guidelines for Promotion and Tenure for Archaeologists in Diverse
                        Academic Roles

2015       Salam al-Kuntar
               Jane Eva Baxter
               Brian I. Daniels
               Frederich (Fritz) Luëth
               Anibal Rodriguez
               Willem Willems

2014     Deborah L. Nichols
              Christopher A. Pool
              Gabriela Uruñuela y Ladrón de Guevara

2013    Susan Kane
             Cori Wegener
             Tim Melancon
             Serena Bellew

2012     Barbara M. Arroyo
              Tomas Enrique-Mendizabal Archibold
              Christopher D. Dore
              Daniel H. Sandweiss

2011    Paul Minnis


For his unstinting attention to the SAA Press, and for his creative approach to bringing the most current ideas and issues to the membership through our publications. Despite the challenges at a transitional time in print publication, his humor, his good sense, and his flexibility have made this a productive time in SAA publications. 

2011    Jonathan Muller


For his dedication to the memorializing of our deceased members over many years; for his always reliable and comprehensive gathering of their names; and for his appropriately serious and reverent presentations at the annual meetings.


2011    Susan B. Bruning


For her dedication to the understanding of and advising on one of the most important, always evolving, and challenging issues, namely, repatriation; her articulate and fair insights and assessments; her committee leadership and willingness to travel for the best interests of the Society; and for her professionalism, sense of equity and balance, and always timely advice.


2010    Jeremy Sabloff, James Snead, Wendy Ashmore, David Browman, Don Fowler, Lisa Lecount, Linda Manzanilla, Bruce Smith, Fundraising Commitee, William Doelle, Susan Bender, Cathy Cameron, John E. Kelly, Paul Minnis, Linda Pierce, Bruce Rippeteau, Martha Rolingson, Ken Sassaman 

2009    Phillip L. Walker

2008    Alex Barker, Nelly Robles Garcia, Daniel H. Sandweiss

2007    PEC Web Pages Working Group, John Kantner

2006    SAA National Historic Landmarks Committee

2005    MATRIX Project

2004    Garth Bawden, Julie Hollowell-Zimmer and Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh, Erin Kuns, William Longacre

2003    John Chamblee, Fred Wendorf, Stuart Struever, and Doug Schwartz

2002    Michael J. Fanelli, Donald Forsyth Craib, Johna Hutira

2001    Mark Aldenderfer, Ian W. Brown, Patricia A. Gilman, Francis P. McManamon, The Law Department of the National Trust for Historic Preservation

2000    Lynne Goldstein, James A. Goold, Kurt E. Dongoske

1999    Jon S. Czaplicki, Gary Feinman and Linda Manzanilla, Susan J. Bender and George S. Smith, Joe Watkins and Tristine Lee Smart, Caryn Berg, Judith A. Bense

1998    Janet Levy, William Lovis, Archaeology Magazine, Ed Friedman

1997    Mark Aldenderfer, David Anderson, Roger Anyon and T. J. Ferguson, Keith Kintigh, Florence Lister, Donna Seifert, Joe Watkins

1996    Toni Moore, Jonathan Lizee, Brian Fagan, George Stuart, Carol Shull, Dan Roberts

1995    Mark Aldenderfer, Roger Anyon, Robert Drennan, Diane Gifford-Gonzalez, Lynne Goldstein, Keith Kintigh, Mark J. Lynott, Phyllis Messenger, KC Smith, and Cathy MacDonald, Paul Minnis, Bruce E. Rippeteau, Alison Wylie, Melinda A. Zeder

1994    David S. Brose, Edward Friedman, R. Bruce McMillan, Teresita Majewski, William H. Marquardt, Dan F. Morse, J. Daniel Rogers, Katharina J. Schreiber, Dean Snow, Vincas P. Steponaitis, Paul Takac

1993    Jerald Milanich, Daniel G. Roberts, Bruce D. Smith, Vincas P. Steponaitis

1992    Mark Leone, Jeremy A. Sabloff

1991    Lynne Goldstein, Rachael Hamilton, Keith Kintigh, Loretta Neumann, Kathleen Reinburg, David Hurst Thomas

1990    Jerome A. Miller, Nathalie F. S. Woodbury