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As you can see, there are many benefits of membership in SAA. Whether you look forward to receiving your quarterly journal of choice or you want to participate in SAA's Annual Meeting, you're sure to find a benefit that is right for you as a member of SAA. The following are testimonials from SAA members about what their membership means to them:

"We are all professionals. We need to belong to the premier archaeological organization."

- Dr. Robert Stokes, Archaeological Consulting Services

"The SAA annual meeting provides an opportunity for me to interact with the broadest range of archaeologists in terms of their intellectual perspective, academic context, and regional specialty.  As a result, I can acquire an up-to-date understanding of what archaeological colleagues in a wide range of contexts are thinking, how they are doing their work, and what kind of results they are achieving."

- Dr. Glenn M. Schwartz, Department of Near Eastern Studies, Johns Hopkins University

"As a graduate student, membership with the SAA has given me the opportunity to rub elbows with the seasoned professionals in the field.  Being able to talk with these scholars and to discuss current research at yearly meetings is much more valuable than simply reading about it.  In addition, reduced-rate journal subscriptions for students allow us to access the most up-to-date material as we complete our studies.  Having this access helps us to understand the quality of work that is expected as well as how we can effectively contribute to the discipline in our future research."

 - Michael Searcy, Ph.D. Student, Department of Anthropology, University of Oklahoma

"As a Native American and an archaeologist, my life has often been thought to be one of conflicting allegiances. I have been “doing” archaeology for more than 40 years, but have only been a member of the Society for American Archaeology for the last 15 years or so. Before I joined, I coasted along doing what I enjoyed doing as an individual archaeologist; I joined when I realized I could make a stronger contribution teamed up with 7,000 other archaeologists in a strong, thriving force for supporting the overall goals and aims of archaeology. As with every group, there are some things that the Society as an organization may support that I personally may not agree with. When this happens, I try to make my disagreement known, but I recognize that this organization has the benefit of the entire discipline of archaeology at heart. I realize as an individual I am free to offer my personal and professional opinions on issues of importance to me to decision-makers and legislators, but I also recognize that the SAA, as an organization of professional and avocational archaeologists, students and interested individuals, has a strength beyond mere numbers – it represents a concerted effort at the betterment of an academic discipline caught up with contemporary issues."

- Joe Watkins, Ph.D., RPA, Director, Native American Studies program, University of Oklahoma

"I am a member of SAA because I have a desperate need to be in touch with what is going on in archaeology beyond the area in which I work. The journals, the meetings and related activities provide me with that."

- Dr. Luis Alberto Borrero, DIPA-IMHICIHU, CONICET, Argentina

"A voice for archaeology on the Hill:  that’s the most important benefit
of SAA membership to me."

- Dr. Donna J. Seifert, RPA, John Milner Associates, Inc.


"For me the SAA has been a wonderful window for what is going on in world archaeology, the meetings have been a very good source of knowledge and the journals have the latest investigations in our field, I'm thankful with SAA for their efforts."

-Dr. Diana Zaragoza, INAH, Mexico

"As one of the largest and most important organization of archaeologists in the world, SAA has done a great deal to advance the ideals of our profession: promoting and defending the importance of scholarship about the past, disseminating information through its publications and meetings, and working to preserve the world's archaeological heritage. There is no better way to support these causes than to be a member of SAA."

- Dr. Vincas P. Steponaitis, Professor of Anthropology, University of North Carolina

"Through the SAA's continuing commitment to provide outreach services, publication materials, and annual meetings, the possibility to interact and network with new and old colleagues, mentors, researchers you admire, and fellow students is available and encouraged.  I am an SAA member because I feel that the society provides many avenues to expand archaeological knowledge by supporting members with a diverse range of experiences, interests, and personalities that are critical for the growth of any community and student of archaeology."

- Elizabeth Toney, Master's Student, Department of Anthropology, University of Oklahoma

“Membership in the SAA affords both independent and corporate-employed consulting archaeologists invaluable opportunities to develop relationships with agency representatives who review their projects, research archaeologists who can improve the quality of proposals and work products, and potential teaming partners working in other firms.”

- Thomas Motsinger,
PaleoWest Solutions in Archaeology

"A professional archaeologist for over 30 years, I have been a member of SAA for over 40 years, joining in 1968 as a junior at the University of Arizona. Over the years, SAA annual meetings have enabled me to make contacts, see old friends, broaden my interests, and learn what’s new in the field. SAA also provided me with opportunities to participate actively in the organization. The experiences and the friends I have made while serving first as a Committee member, then as a Board member, and currently as a Committee Chair over the past 20 years have been incredibly rewarding both professionally and personally. SAA has much to offer as a member, but so much more when you get involved."

- Jon S. Czaplicki, Archaeologist, Bureau of Reclamation

"Any archaeologist who is interested in the future of collections-based research should be an SAA member because the Society provides a platform for national advocacy for the stewardship of archaeological collections. The SAA’s Committee on Museums, Collections, and Curation also directly represents the interests of archaeologists who work in museums and other types of repositories and whose responsibilities include administration, management, and/or care of archaeological collections."

- Lynne Sullivan, Curator of Archaeology / Adjunct Professor of Anthropology,
Frank H. McClung Museum, University of Tennessee


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