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Get informed

SAA programs and publications are designed to keep you up-to-date in archaeology. As a member, you are the first to learn about the many SAA programs that fill needs in American archaeology, and you directly influence those programs by participating in surveys and elections, and by serving on SAA committees and task forces.

Get organized

SAA members depend on the society to voice their collective concerns to those who effect change in the archaeological arena—whether by working with local and national governments to improve protection and management of archaeological resources, or by developing materials for teachers to foster broader, higher quality presentation of archaeological research in the classroom.

Get together

Members also count on the SAA for a variety of forums in which to exchange information and ideas and make contacts throughout the field of archaeology. Share your experience and expertise by serving on a variety of SAA committees or task forces, which focus on areas of current and ongoing significance to archaeology and cover a diverse range of topics from professional development to Native American relations.


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