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 American Perceptions of Archaeology Poll 2018 Minimize

A poll conducted by Ipsos in 2018 found that most Americans support archaeology education, protection for archaeological sites, and the value of archaeological work. Most of the American public (87%) think that students should learn about archaeology in school at some point in their academic careers. Most (63%) think that preservation of archaeological sites should be a priority of the United States government. A clear majority (93%) think that the work that archaeologists do is important.

The two infographics below show highlights of the poll results. Click on the images to view the full-size PDFs. The full report provided by Ipsos (PDF) is available to read online.

This poll, commissioned by the Society for American Archaeology, is an update of a poll conducted by Harris Interactive in 2000. The results of the Harris poll are available to read online. Because the Ipsos poll asked different questions and used a different methodology, the two results should not be directly compared.