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2013 — Volume 1

Issue 1, August (Free Issue)
Issue 2, November (Free Issue)

Advances in Archaeological Practice is a peer-reviewed journal that seeks to share solutions in the broad practice of archaeology. Launched in 2013, the full-color digital journal is published four times per year. The journal publishes original articles that present creative solutions to the challenges archaeologists face in the ways that they approach the archaeological record to learn about the past and manage archaeological resources. “Practice” is defined broadly and topics can include, but are not limited to, innovations in approach, technique, method, technology, business models, collaboration, compliance, process, ethics, theory, public engagement, and training. The journal is a benefit of membership in the Society for American Archaeology (SAA).

Subscription Options

  • Institutional subscriptions are available for Advances in Archaeological Practice.
  • SAA members may choose to receive the journal as their primary journal with membership or may purchase it as a second or third journal at an additional cost.  This option will be available for 2014.
  • Non-member, individual subscriptions are available for $199.  Click here to subscribe for the 2014 subscription year.

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