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Index to American Antiquity
Volume 65 (2000)

Author Index A

Anderson, David G., and J. Christopher Gilliam
Paleoindian Colonization of the Americas: Implications from an Examination of Physiography, Demography, and Artifact Distribution

Anslinger, C. Michael, see Stafford, C. Russell


Bernardini, Wesley
Kiln Firing Groups: Inter-Household Economic Collaboration and Social Organization in the Northern American Southwest

Billman, Brian R., Patricia M. Lambert, and Banks L. Leonard
Cannibalism, Warfare, and Drought in the Mesa Verde Region during the Twelfth Century A.D.

Billman, Brian R., see Lambert, Patricia M.

Blum, Max, see Walter A. Neves

Burky, Richard R., see Selsor, Karen A.

Burger, Richard L., see Miller, George R.


Cannon, Aubrey
Settlement and Sea Levels on the Central Coast of British Columbia: Evidence from Shell Midden Cores

Chatters, James C.
The Recovery and First Analysis of an Early Holocene Human Skeleton from Kennewick, Washington

Chippindale, Christopher
Capta and Data: On the True Nature of Archaeological Information

Claassen, Cheryl
Quantifying Shell: Comments on Mason, Peterson, and Tiffany

Cogswell, James W., see Lynott, Mark J.


Dongoske, Kurt E., Debra L. Martin, and T.J. Ferguson
Critique of the Claim of Cannibalism at Cowboy Wash


Echo-Hawk, Roger C.
Ancient History in the New World: Integrating Oral Traditions and the Archaeological Record

Emerson, Thomas E., and Randall E. Hughes
Figurines, Flint Clay Sourcing, the Ozark Highlands, and Cahokian Acquisition

Ensor, Bradley E.
Social Formations, Modo de Vida, and Conflict in Archaeology


Feinman, Gary M., Kent G.
Lightfoot, and Steadman Upham: Political Hierarchies and Organizational Strategies in the Puebloan Southwest

Ferguson, T. J., see Dongoske, Kurt E.

Fujita, Harumi, see Porcasi, Judith F.


Geib, Phil R.
Sandal Types and Archaic Prehistory on the Colorado Plateau

Gilliam, J. Christopher, see Anderson, David G.

Glascock, Michael D., see Lynott, Mark J.

Glassow, Michael A.
Weighing vs. Counting Shellfish Remains: A Comment on Mason, Peterson, and Tiffany

Gnaden, Denis, and Simon Holdaway
Understanding Observer Variation when Recording Stone Artifacts

Graves, Michael, see Ladefoged, Thegn N.


Holdaway, Simon, see Gnaden, Denis

Hughes, Randall E., see Emerson, Thomas E.

Humpf, Dorothy A., see Milner, George R.

Hutchinson, Dale L., see Milner, George R.


Kennett, Douglas J., and James P. Kennett
Competitive and Cooperative Responses to Climatic Instability in Coastal Southern California

Kennett, James P., see Kennett, Douglas J.

Kirner, Donna L., see Selsor, Karen A.


Ladefoged, Thegn N., and Michael Graves
Evolutionary Theory and the Historical Development of Dry-land Agriculture in North Kohala, Hawai'i

Lambert, Patricia M., Banks L. Leonard, Brian R. Billman, Richard A. Marlar, Margaret E. Newman, and Karl J. Reinhard
Response to Critique of the Claim of Cannibalism at Cowboy Wash

Lambert, Patricia M., see Billman, Brian R.

Larsen, Clark Spencer, see Milner, George R.

Leonard, Banks L., see Billman, Brian R. and Lambert, Patricia M.

Lewis, R. Barry
Sea Level Rise and Subsidence Effects on Gulf Coast Archaeological Site Distributions

Lightfoot, Kent G., see Feinman, Gary M.

Loney, Helen L.
Society and Technological Control: A Critical Review of Models of Technological Change in Ceramic Studies

Lyman, R. Lee, and Michael J. O'Brien
Chronometers and Units in Early Archaeology and Paleontology

Lynott, Mark J., Hector Neff, James E. Price, James W. Cogswell, and Michael D. Glascock
Inferences about Prehistorical Ceramics and People in Southeast Missouri: Results of Ceramic Compositional Analysis


Marlar, Richard A., see Lambert, Patricia M.

Martin, Debra L., see Dongoske, Kurt E.

Mason, Roger D., Mark L. Peterson, and J. A.
Tiffany: Weighing and Counting Shell: A Response to Glassow and Claassen

Mason, Ronald J.
Archaeology and Native American Oral Traditions

Maxham, Mintcy D.
Rural Communities in the Black Warrior Valley, Alabama: The Role of Commoners in the Creation of the Moundville I Landscape

Miller, George R., and Richard L. Burger
Ch'arki at Chavín: Ethnographic Models and Archaeological Data

Milner, George R., Clark Spencer Larsen, Dale L. Hutchinson, Matthew A. Williamson, and Dorothy A. Humpf
Conquistadors, Excavators, or Rodents: What Damaged the King Site Skeletons?

Munson, Marit K.
Sex, Gender, and Status: Human Images from the Classic Mimbres


Neff, Hector, see Lynott, Mark J.

Neves, Walter A., and Max Blum
The Buhl Burial: A Comment on Green et al.

Newman, Margaret E., see Lambert, Patricia M.

Nobles, Connie H.
Gazing Upon the Invisible: Women and Children at the Old Baton Rouge Penitentiary


O'Brien, Michael J., see Lyman, R. Lee

Ortman, Scott G.
Conceptual Metaphor in the Archaeological Record: Methods and an Example from the American Southwest


Peterson, Mark L., see Mason, Roger D.

Porcasi, Judith F., and Harumi Fujita
The Dolphin Hunters: A Specialized Prehistoric Maritime Adaptation in the Southern California Channel Islands and Baja California

Potter, James M.
Pots, Parties, and Politics: Communal Feasting in the American Southwest

Price, James E., see Lynott, Mark J.


Reinhard, Karl J., see Lambert, Patricia M.

Richards, Ronald L., see Stafford, C. Russell

Rogers, Alan R.
On Equifinality in Faunal Assemblages


Selsor, Karen A., Richard R. Burky, Donna L. Kirner, Judith E. Thomas, John R. Southon, and R. E. Taylor
Late Prehistoric Petroleum Collection in Pennsylvania: Radiocarbon Evidence

Shott, Michael J.
The Quantification Problem in Stone-Tool Assemblages

Southon, John R., see Selsor, Karen A.

Stafford, C. Russell, Ronald L. Richards, and C. Michael Anslinger
The Bluegrass Fauna and Changes in Middle Holocene Hunter-Gatherer Foraging in the Southern Midwest

Straus, Lawrence Guy
Solutrean Settlement of North America? A Review of Reality

Surovell, Todd A.
Early Paleoindian Women, Children, Mobility, and Fertility


Taylor, R. E., see Selsor, Karen A.

Thomas, Judith E., see Selsor, Karen A.

Tiffany, J. A., see Mason, Roger D.

Trubitt, Mary Beth
Mound Building and Prestige Goods Exchange: Changing Strategies in the Cahokia Chiefdom


Upham, Steadman, see Feinman, Gary M.


Valdez, Lidio M.
On Ch'arki Consumption in the Ancient Central Andes: A Cautionary Note


Williamson, Matthew A., see George R. Milner

Wylie, Alison
Questions of Evidence, Legitimacy, and the (Dis)Union of Science

Reviews and Book Notes Index A

Amick, Daniel S. (editor)
Folsom Lithic Technology: Explorations in Structure and Variation
reviewed by Robert R. Musil

Andrefsky Jr., William
Lithics: Macroscopic Approaches to Analysis
reviewed by C. Michael Barton


Bement, Leland C.
Bison Hunting at Cooper Site: Where Lightening Bolts Drew Thundering Herds
reviewed by William B. Fawcett Jr.

Billman, Brian R., and Gary M. Feinman (editors)
Settlement Pattern Studies in the Americas: Fifty Years since Virú
reviewed by Jeffrey R. Parsons

Boldurian, Anthony T., and John L. Cotter
Clovis Revisited: New Perspectives on Paleoindian Adaptations from Blackwater Draw, New Mexico
reviewed by Daniel S. Amick


Ciolek-Torrelo, Richard (editor)
Early Farmers of the Sonoran Desert: Archaeological Investigations at the Houghton Road Site, Tucson, Arizona
reviewed by Michael W. Diehl

Collins, Michael
Clovis Blade Technology
reviewed by Michael Shott

Cordell, Linda S.
Before Pecos: Settlement Aggregation at Rowe
reviewed by Genevieve N. Head

Curry, Dennis C.
Feast of the Dead: Aboriginal Ossuaries in Maryland
reviewed by Debra Gold


Dobres, Marcia-Ann, and Christopher R. Hoffman (editors)
The Social Dynamics of Technology: Practice, Politics, and World Views
reviewed by Heather M.-L. Miller

Dumond, Don E.
The Hillside Site, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska: An Examination of Collections from the 1930s
reviewed by Peter Whitridge


Feinman, Gary M., and Joyce Marcus (editors)
Archaic States
reviewed by Ben A. Nelson


Gamble, Clive
The Palaeolithic Societies of Europe
reviewed by Shannon P. McPherron


Hart, John P. (editor)
Current Northeast Paleoethnobotany
reviewed by James B. Petersen

Helms, Mary W.
Access to Origins: Affines, Ancestors, and Aristocrats
reviewed by Patricia A. McAnany

Hodder, Ian
The Archaeological Process: An Introduction
reviewed by Cornelius Holtorf


Kardulias, P. Nick
World-Systems Theory in Practice: Leadership, Production, and Exchange
reviewed by John F. Cherry

Kehoe, Alice Beck
The Land of Prehistory: A Critical History of American Archaeology
reviewed by Bruce G. Trigger

Kristiansen, Kristian
Europe before History
reviewed by John M. O'Shea


Leone, Mark P. Leone, and Parker B. Potter Jr. (editors)
Historical Archaeologies of Capitalism
reviewed by Dean Saitta

Lewis, R. Barry, and Charles Stout
Mississippian Towns and Sacred Spaces: Searching for an Architectural Grammar
reviewed by Frank L. Cowan

Lowe, Michael, and Edward L. Shaughnessy
The Cambridge History of Ancient China: From the Origins of Civilization to 221 B.C.
reviewed by Paola Demattè


Mays, Simon
The Archaeology of Human Bones
reviewed by A. Russell Nelson

Mcintosh, Roderick James
The Peoples of the Middle Niger
reviewed by Chapurukha M. Kusimba and Babatunde Agbaje-Williams

Meskell, Lynn (editor)
Archaeology under Fire: Nationalism, Politics and Heritage in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East
reviewed by Monica L. Smith

Milanich, Jerald T.
Laboring in the Fields of the Lord: Spanish Missions and Southeastern Indians
reviewed by Melissa Payne

Milner, George R.
The Cahokia Chiefdom: The Archaeology of a Mississippian Society
reviewed by Henry T. Wright

Mithin, Steven (editor)
Creativity in Human Evolution and Prehistory
reviewed by Marcia-Anne Dobres

Morgan, William N.
Precolumbian Architecture in Eastern North America
reviewed by Barry Lewis


Neitzel, Jill (editor)
Great Towns and Regional Polities in the Prehistoric American Southwest and Southeast
reviewed by Jeffrey Hantman

Nelson, Margaret C.
Mimbres during the Twelfth Century: Abandonmnent, Continuity, and Reorganization
reviewed by Michael E. Whalen


O'Brien, Michael J., and R. Lee Lyman
Seriation, Stratigraphy, and Index Fossils: The Backbone of Archaeological Dating
reviewed by R. E. Taylor


Pauketat, Timothy R.
The Archaeology of Downtown Cahokia: The Tract 15A and Dunham Tract Excavations
reviewed by Mary Beth Trubitt

Perry, Warren R.
Landscape Transformation and the Archaeology of Impact: Social Disruption and State Formation in Southern Africa
reviewed by Haskel J. Greenfield

Petraglia, and Ravi Korisettar (editors)
Early Human Behavior in Globabl Contexts: The Rise of Diversity of the Lower Palaeolithic Period
reviewed by C. Britt Bousman

Pollack, Susan
Ancient Mesopotamia
reviewed by Frank Hole


Rautman, Alison E. (editor)
Reading The Body: Representations and Remains in the Archaeological Record
reviewed by Silvia Tomaskova

Redmond, Elsa M. (editor)
Chiefdoms and Chieftaincy in the Americas
reviewed by Alex Barker

Reitz, Elizabeth J., and Elizabeth S. Wing
reviewed by Susan L. Scott

Renfrew, Colin, and Chris Scarre (editors)
Cognition and Material Culture: The Archaeology of Symbolic Storage
reviewed by Michelle Hegmon

Robb, John E. (editor)
Material Symbols: Culture and Economy in Prehistory
reviewed by John E. Clark

Rolingson, Martha Ann
Toltec Mounds and Plum Bayou Culture: Mound D. Excavations
reviewed by Michael S. Nassaney

Rollett, Barry Vladimir
Hanamiai: Prehistoric Colonization and Cultural Change in the Marquesas Islands (East Polynesia)
reviewed by Mark W. Allen

Rose, Jerome (editor)
Bioarcheology of the South Central United States
reviewed by Patricia M. Lambert


Selig, Ruth Osterweis, and Marilyn R. London (editors)
Anthropology Explored: The Best of Smithsonian Anthro Notes
reviewed by Shereen Lerner

Simmons, Alan H., and Associates
Faunal Extinction in an Island Society: Pygmy Hippotamus Hunters of Cyprus
reviewed by Lewis Binford

Skibo, James
Ants for Breakfast: Archaeological Adventures among the Kalinga
reviewed by Nicholas David

Spielman, Katharine A. (editor)
Migration and Reorganization: The Pueblo IV Period in the American Southwest
reviewed by Linda S. Cordell

Stafford, Michael
From Forager to Farmer in Flint: A Lithic Analysis of the Prehistoric Transition to Agriculture in Southern Scandinavia
reviewed by Lynn E. Fisher

Stone, Tammy
The Prehistory of Colorado and Adjacent Areas
reviewed by James M. Potter


Tarlow, Sarah
Bereavement and Commemoration: An Archaeology of Mortality
reviewed by Lynn Rainville

Towner, Ronald H., Byron P. Johnson, with contributions by Michael J. Proper, Alan C. Reed, Charles W. Wheeler, and Penelope A. Whitten
The San Rafael Survey: Reconstructing Eighteenth Century Navajo Population Dynamics in the Dinétah using Archaeological and Dendrochronological Data
reviewed by David M. Brugge

Turner, Christy G., and Jacqueline A. Turner
Man Corn: Cannibalism and Violence in the Prehistoric American Southwest
reviewed by Debra L. Martin


Van Keuren, Scott
Ceramic Design Structure and the Organization of Cibola White Ware Production in the Grasshopper Region, Arizona
reviewed by Janet Hagiopian

Varien, Mark D.
Sedentism and Mobility in a Social Landscape: Mesa Verde and Beyond
reviewed by Lisa C. Young


Ward, H. Trawick, and R. P. Stephen Davis Jr.
Time Before History: The Archaeology of North Carolina
reviewed by Janet E. Levy

Wattenmaker, Patricia
Household and State in Upper Meopotamia: Specialized Economy and the Social Uses of Goods in an Early Complex Society
reviewed by Steven E. Falconer