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 American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 63 Number 1 January 1998


Variation in the Early Paleoindian Economies of Late Pleistocene Eastern North America
Kenneth B. Tankersley

Blood Residues on Fluted Points from Eastern Beringia
Thomas H. Loy and E. James Dixon

Production and Transport of Blanks and Tools at the French Middle Paleolithic Site of Combe-Capelle Bas
Barbara J. Roth and Harold L. Dibble


Analysis of Shell-Tempered Pottery Replicates: Implications for Provenance Studies
James W. Cogswell, Hector Neff, and Michael D. Glascock

Measuring Archaeological Diversity: An Application of the Jackknife Technique
Daniel Kaufman

Cluster Analysis of Paleofecal Data Sets: A Test of Late Prehistoric Settlement and Subsistence Patterns in the Northern Coachella Valley, California
Mark Q. Sutton

Tools Underfoot: Human Trampling as an Agent of Lithic Artifact Edge Modification
Sally McBrearty, Laura Bishop, Thomas Plummer, Robert Dewar, and Nicholas Conard

Origins of an Anasazi Scarlet Macaw Feather Artifact
Nancy Borson, Frances Berdan, Edward Stark, Jack States, and Peter J. Wettstein
Photo available

Evaluation of the Flote-Tech, Machine-Assisted Flotation System
Andrea A. Hunter and Brian R. Gassner

Cleaning Artifacts with Calgon™
Thomas W. Neumann and Robert M. Sanford


On Hawikku Cemetery Kin Groups
Robert S. Corruccini

Determining Gender and Kinship at Hawikku: A Reply to Corruccini
Todd L. Howell and Keith W. Kintigh

Special Review

American Beginnings: The Prehistory and Paleoecology of Beringia, edited by Frederick Hadleigh West
David R. Yesner


Gender and Archaeology, edited by Rita P. Wright
Caroline Hudecek-Cuffe

Women in Prehistory, edited by Cheryl Claassen and Rosemary A. Joyce
Elizabeth M. Scott

Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherer Fishing Strategies, edited by Mark G. Plew
William R. Belcher

Humans at the End of the Ice Age: The Archaeology of the Pleistocene Holocene Transition, edited by Lawrence Guy Straus, Berit Valentin Eriksen, Jon M. Erlandson, and David R. Yesner
G. A. Clark

Hunters between East and West: The Paleolithic of Moravia, by Jirí Svoboda, Vojen Lozek, and Emanuel Vlcek
Sylvia Tomášková

Excavations at Jenné-Jeno, Hambarketolo, and Kaniana (Inland Niger Delta, Mali), the 1981 Season, edited by Susan Keech McIntosh
Adria La Violette

Environmental Complexity and Environmental Risk in the Prehistoric Southwest, edited by Joseph A. Tainter and Bonnie Bagley Tainter
Michael A. Adler

Wandering Villagers: Pit Structures, Mobility and Agriculture in Southeastern Arizona, by Patricia A. Gilman
Catherine M. Cameron

Archaeology of the Mid-Holocene Southeast, edited by Kenneth E. Sassaman and David G. Anderson
John S. Cable

Continuity and Change: 8,500 Years of Lacustrine Adaptation on the Shores of Lake Elsinore, by Donn R. Grenda
Jane Rosenthal

People of Sunlight, People of Starlight: Barrenland Archaeology in the Northwest Territories of Canada, by Bryan C. Gordon
Ted Goebel

Book Notes

Ecology and Ceramic Production in an Andean Community, by Dean E. Arnold
Maria Masucci

Landscape Archaeology: Reading and Interpreting the American Historical Landscape, edited by Rebecca Yamin and Karen Bescherer Metheny
John P. McCarthy

The Moundville Expeditions of Clarence Bloomfield Moore, edited by Vernon J. Knight, Jr.
C. Margaret Scarry

Pot Luck: Adventures in Archaeology, by Florence C. Lister, with a foreword by R. Gwinn Vivian
Carroll L. Riley

Lambert Farm: Public Archaeology and Canine Burials along Narragansett Bay, by Jordan E. Kerber
Susan J. Bender