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 American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 63 Number 2 April 1998


Daily Practice and Material Culture in Pluralistic Social Settings: An Archaeological Study of Culture Change and Persistence from Fort Ross, California
Kent G. Lightfoot, Antoinette Martinez, and Ann M. Schiff

Rockshelters and Hunter-Gatherer Adaptation to the Pleistocene/Holocene Transition
John A. Walthall

Seriation, Superposition, and Interdigitation: A History of Americanist Graphic Depictions of Culture Change
R. Lee Lyman, Steve Wolverton, and Michael J. O'Brien


Prehistoric Human Use of Fire, the Eastern Agricultural Complex, and Appalachian Oak-Chestnut Forests: Paleoecology of Cliff Palace Pond, Kentucky
Paul A. Delcourt, Hazel R. Delcourt, Cecil R. Ison, William E. Sharp, and Kristen J. Gremillion

Cucurbita pepo from King Coulee, Southeastern Minnesota
Bradley E. Perkl

Sociopolitical Meaning of Faunal Remains from Baker Village
Bryan Scott Hockett

Weighing vs. Counting: Measurement Reliability and the California School of Midden Analysis
Roger D. Mason, Mark L. Peterson, and Joseph A. Tiffany


Hierarchy and Heterarchy in the American Southwest: A Comment on McGuire and Saitta
Alison E. Rautman

Dialectics, Heterarchy, and Western Pueblo Social Organization
Dean J. Saitta and Randall H. McGuire


People Who Lived in Big Houses: Archaeological Perspectives on Large Domestic Structures, edited by Gary Coupland and E. B. Banning
Ricky R. Lightfoot

Material Harm: Archaeological Studies of War and Violence, edited by John Carman
Elsa M. Redmond

Emergence and Change in Early Urban Societies, edited by Linda Manzanilla
Susan Toby Evans

The Lapita Peoples: Ancestors of the Oceanic World, by Patrick Vinton Kirch
Chris Gosden

Cahokia: Domination and Ideology in the Mississippian World, edited by Timothy R. Pauketat and Thomas E. Emerson
Amy L. Ollendorf

Mounds, Embankments, and Ceremonialism in the Midsouth, edited by Robert C. Mainfort and Richard Walling
Gary H. Dunham

The Managed Mosaic: Ancient Maya Agriculture and Resource Use, edited by Scott L. Fedick
Geoffrey E. Brasswell

Historical Archaeology and the Study of American Culture, edited by Lu Ann De Cunzo and Bernard L. Herman
Christopher Ohm Clement

Indians and Anthropologists: Vine Deloria, Jr., and the Critique of Anthropology, edited by Thomas Biolsi and Larry J. Zimmerman
Kurt Dongoske

The Archaeology of Ethnicity: Constructing Identities in the Past and Present, by Siân Jones
Peter S. Wells

Economic Analysis beyond the Local System, edited by Richard E. Blanton, Peter N. Peregrine, Deborah Winslow, and Thomas D. Hall
Edward M. Schortman

Women in Human Evolution, edited by Lori D. Hager
Madonna L. Moss

Settlement Ecology: The Social and Spatial Organization of Kofyar Agriculture, by Glenn Davis Stone
Philip C. Burnham

Mississippian Political Economy, by Jon Muller
David G. Anderson

The Marge Site: Late Archaic and Emergent Mississippian Occupations in the Palmer Creek Locality, by Andrew Fortier, with contributions by Mary Simon, Thomas E. Berres, and Joseph S. Phillippe
Brad Logan

Southwestern Minnesota Archaeology: 12,000 Years in the Prairie Lake Region, by Scott F. Anfinson
Nancy J. Hodgson

Glen Canyon Revisited, by Phil R. Geib, J. Richard Ambler, J. Michael Bremer, and Peter Bungart
Carla Van West

Ceramic Commodities and Common Containers: Production and Distribution of White Mountain Red Wares in the Grasshopper Region, Arizona, by Daniela Triadan
H. Wolcott Toll

Time, Culture and Identity: An Interpretive Archaeology, by Julian Thomas
Michael Fotiadis

Neolithic Houses in Northwest Europe and Beyond: Neolithic Studies Group Seminar Papers 1, edited by Timothy Darville and Julian Thomas
D. Blair Gibson

The Archaeology of Late Bronze Age Cypriot Society, by A. Bernard Knapp
Thomas F. Strasser

The Hunter's Vision: The Prehistoric Art of Zimbabwe, by Peter Garlake
Whitney Davis

Book Notes

Ships and Shipwrecks of the Americas: A History Based on Underwater Archaeology, edited by George F. Bass
John A. Gifford

A History of Dogs in the Early Americas, by Marion Schwartz
Jordan E. Kerber

Computing and Statistics in Osteoarchaeology, edited by Sue Anderson and Katherine Boyle
David Rapson

The Pithouses of Keatley Creek, by Brian Hayden
Mary B. Collins

Living on the Boott: Historical Archaeology at the Boott Mills Boardinghouses, Lowell Massachusetts, by Stephen A. Mrozowski, Grace H. Ziesing, and Mary C. Beaudry
Amy L. Young

Carolina's Historical Landscapes: Archaeological Perspectives, edited by Linda F. Stine, Martha Zierden, Lesley M. Drucker, and Christopher Judge
Jeffrey L. Holland

Ancient Cholistan: Archaeology and Architecture, by Mohammed Rafique Mughal
Henry T. Wright