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Volume 64 Number 2 April 1999


Replicas, Fakes, and Art: The Twentieth-Century Stone Age and Its Effects on Archaeology
John C. Whittaker and Michael Stafford


Geographic Variation in Fluted Projectile Points: A Hemispheric Perspective
Juliet E. Morrow and Toby A. Morrow

Point Typologies, Cultural Transmission, and the Spread of Bow-and-Arrow Technology in the Prehistoric Great Basin
Robert L Bettinger and Jelmer Eerkens

The Adoption of the Bow and Arrow in Eastern North America: A View from Central Arkansas
Michael S. Nassaney and Kendra Pyle

Intentionality, Symbolic Pragmatics and Material Culture: Revisiting Binford's View of the Old Copper Complex
A. Martin Byers


Raven Skeletons from Paleoindian Contexts, Charlie Lake Cave, British Columbia
Jonathan C. Driver

On Methods of Measuring Ceramic Uselife: A Revision of the Uselife Estimates of Cooking Vessels among the Kalinga, Philippines
Masakazu Tani and William A. Longacre

Discovering Childhood: Using Fingerprints to Find Children in the Archaeological Record
Kathryn A. Kamp, Nichole Timmerman, Gregg Lind, Jules Graybill, and Ian Natowsky

Analysis of Slips and Other Inorganic Surface Materials on Woodland and Early Fort Ancient Ceramics, South-Central Ohio
Spencer J. Cotkin, Christopher Carr, Mary Louise Cotkin, Alfred E. Dittert, and Daniel T. Kremser

Intertaxonomic Variability in Patterns of Bone Density and the Differential Representation of Bovid, Cervid, and Equid Elements in the Archaeological Record
Y.M. Lam, Xingbin Chen, and O.M. Pearson


From Social Archaeology to National Archaeology: Up from Domination
Karen Guthertz Lizárraga

A Reply to Guthertz Lizárraga
Thomas C. Patterson

The Flote-Tech Flotation Machine: Messiah or Mixed Blessing?
Jack Rossen


Unit Issues in Archaeology: Measuring Time, Space, and Material, by Ann F. Ramenofsky and Anastasia Steffen
Todd Koetje

The Archaeology of City-States: Cross-Cultural Approaches, edited by Deborah L. Nichols and Thomas H. Charlton
Ilene M. Nicholas

Studies in Culture Contact: Interaction, Culture Change, and Archaeology, edited by James G. Cusick
Peter E. Pope

Between Artifacts and Texts: Historical Archaeology in Global Perspective, by Anders Andren
Paul Farnsworth

In Remembrance: Archaeology and Death, by David A. Poirier and Nicholas F. Bellantoni
Mary C. Beaudry

At a Crossroads: Archaeology and First Peoples in Canada, edited by George P. Nicholas and Thomas D. Andrews
Randall McGuire

Changing Perspectives on the Archaeology of the Central Mississippi Valley, edited by Michael J. O'Brien and Robert C. Dunnell
John H. House

The Prehistory of Lums Pond: The Formation of an Archaeological Site in Delaware, by Michael Petraglia, Dennis Knepper, John Rutherford, Philip Laporta, Kathryn Puseman, Joseph Schuldenrein, and Noreen Tuross
Michael Stewart

Vanishing River, Landscapes and Lives of the Lower Verde Valley: The Lower Verde Archaeological Project, by Stephanie M. Whittlesey, Richard Ciolek-Torello, and Jeffrey H. Altschul
Steven A. Moffitt

Prehistoric Land-Use and Settlement of the Middle Little Colorado River Valley. The Survey of Homolovi Ruins State Park, Winslow, Arizona, by Richard C. Lange
Tammy Stone

Bahamian Archaeology: Life in the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos before Columbus, by William F. Keegan
Charles A. Hoffman

Hernando de Soto among the Apalachee: The Archaeology of the First Winter Encampment, by Charles R. Ewen and John H. Hann
David H. Dye

The Paleolithic of Siberia: New Discoveries and Interpretations, edited by Anatoliy P. Derev'anko, Demitri B. Shimkin, and W. Roger Powers
Ted Goebel

The Danish Storebælt Since the Ice Age: Man, Sea and Forest, by Lisbeth Pedersen, Anders Fischer, and Bent Aaby
John Steinberg

Stonehenge: Making Space, by Barbara Bender
Christopher Chippindale

Pottery in the Making: Ceramic Traditions, edited by Ian Freestone and David Gaimster
James J. Sheehy

Book Notes

Ceramics, Lithics, and Ornaments of Chaco Canyon: Analysis of Artifacts from the Chaco Project, 1971–1978. Volume 1: Ceramics; Volume 2: Lithics; Volume 3: Lithics and Ornaments, edited by Frances Joan Mathien
Arthur W. Vokes

Archeology of the Mammoth Cave Area, edited by Patty Jo Watson
R. Bruce McMillan

An Archaeology of Social Space: Analyzing Coffee Plantations in Jamaica's Blue Mountains, by James A. Delle
Sharon R. Steadman

Lithics after the Stone Age: A Handbook of Stone Tools from the Levant, by Steven A. Rosen
Mark A. McConaughy

Theorien in der Archäologie, by Reinhard Bernbeck
Norman Yoffee

The Cambridge Illustrated History of Prehistoric Art, by Paul G. Bahn
Thomas F. Aleto

Statistics for Anthropology, by Lorena Madrigal
David M. Reed