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Volume 64 Number 4 October 1999


Gordon Creek Woman Meets Kennewick Man: New Interpretations and Protocols Regarding the Peopling of the Americas
Alan Swedlund and Duane Anderson


Mississippian Chiefdoms and the Fission-Fusion Process
John H. Blitz

Making Sense of Flake Scatters: Lithic Technological Strategies and Mobility
Frank L. Cowan


Land-use Dynamics and Socioeconomic Change: An Example from the Polop Alto Valley
C. Michael Barton, Joan Bernabeu, J. Emil Aura, and Oreto García

Modelling Paleoshorelines and Locating Early Holocene Coastal Sites in Haida Gwaii
Daryl W. Fedje and Tina Christensen

The Age of Common Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) in the Northeastern United States
John P. Hart and C. Margaret Scarry

Earth Oven Plant Processing in Archaic Period Economies: An Example from a Semi-Arid Savannah in South-Central North America
Phil Dering

Evaluating Visual Criteria for Identifying Carbon and Iron-Based Pottery Paints from the Four Corners Region using SEM-EDS
Joe D. Stewart and Karen R. Adams

Reviews and Book Notes

Editorial—Associate Editor for Reviews and Book Notes
Carla M. Sinopoli

Seasonality and Sedentism: Archaeological Perspectives from Old and New World Sites, edited by Thomas R. Rocek and Ofer Bar-Yosef
Alison E. Rautman

Gender in African Prehistory, edited by Susan Kent
Scott MacEarchen

Archaeology on the Great Plains, edited by W. Raymond Wood
Marcel Kornfeld

Hardaway Revisited: Early Archaic Settlement in the Southeast, by I. Randolph Daniel Jr.
Kenneth E. Sassaman

A World Engraved: Archaeology of the Swift Creek Culture, edited by Mark Williams and Daniel T. Elliott
Jerald T. Milanich

Archaeology of the Moundville Chiefdom, edited by Vernon James Knight Jr. and Vincas P. Steponaitis
Michael J. O'Brien

The Caddo Chiefdoms: Caddo Economics and Politics, by David LaVere
Timothy K. Perttula

Iroquoian Peoples of the Land of Rocks and Water, A.D.1000-1650: A Study in Settlement Archaeology, by William D. Finlayson
Ronald F. Williamson

The Sandy Ridge and Halstead Paleo-Indian Sites: Unifacial Tool Use and Gainey Phase Definition in South-Central Ontario, by Lawrence J. Jackson
Mary Lou Curran

Surviving Adversity: The Sinagua of Lizard Man Village, by Kathryn A. Kamp and John C. Whittaker
John E. Douglas

Expanding the View of Hohokam Platform Mounds: An Ethnographic Perspective, by Mark D. Elson
Owen Lindauer

Prehistoric Ceramics of the Puerco Valley: The 1995 Chambers-Sanders Trust Lands Ceramic Conference, edited by Kelley Hays-Gilpin and Eric Van Hartesveldt
Deborah S. Dosh

Caribou Hunters in the Western Arctic: Zooarchaeology of the Rita-Claire and Bison Skull Sites, by David A. Morrison
Murielle Nagy

A Hunter-Gatherer Landscape: Southwest Germany in the Late Paleolithic and Mesolithic, by Michael A. Jochim
Sarunas Milisauskas

The Archaeology of the Iberians: Archaeological Analysis of a Historical Process, by Arturo Ruiz and Manuel Molinos
Robert W. Chapman

The Archaeology of Islam, by Timothy Insoll Said Ennahid
Said Ennahid

Shells, by Cheryl Claassen
Kim Cox

Geoarchaeology: The Earth-Science Approach to Archaeological Interpretation, by George (Rip) Rapp Jr. and Christopher L. Hill
Brian J. Moorman

Pottery Origins: Initial Forms, Cultural Behavior, and Decorative Styles, by Ivan Pavlu
John W. Hoopes

Prehistoric Sandals from Northeastern Arizona: The Earl H. Morris and Ann Axtell Morris Research, by Kelley Ann Hays-Gilpin, Ann Cordy Deegan, and Elizabeth Ann Morris
Kathy Kankainen

Bringing Back the Past: Historical Perspectives on Canadian Archaeology, edited by Pamela Jane Smith and Donald Mitchell
Matthew M. Thomas

Legacy of Stone: Ancient Life on the Niagara Frontier, by Ronald E. Williamson and Robert I. MacDonald
Robert Pearce

Glen Canyon: An Archaeological Summary, by Jesse D. Jennings
Nathalie F.S. Woodbury

Zoom-In to Madisonville (CD-ROM), by Penelope Ballard Drooker
Patti Wright