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 American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 65 Number 2 April 2000


Solutrean Settlement of North America? A Review of Reality
Lawrence Guy Straus


Questions of Evidence, Legitimacy, and the (Dis)Union of Science
Alison Wylie

Archaeology and Native American Oral Traditions
Ronald J. Mason

Ancient History in the New World: Integrating Oral Traditions and the Archaeological Record
Roger C. Echo-Hawk


The Recovery and First Analysis of an Early Holocene Human Skeleton from Kennewick, Washington
James C. Chatters

The Bluegrass Fauna and Changes in Middle Holocene Hunter-Gatherer Foraging in the Southern Midwest
C. Russell Stafford, Ronald L. Richards, and C. Michael Anslinger

Rural Communities in the Black Warrior Valley, Alabama: The Role of Commoners in the Creation of the Moundville I Landscape
Mintcy D. Maxham

Conquistadors, Excavators, or Rodents: What Damaged the King Site Skeletons?
George R. Milner, Clark Spencer Larsen, Dale L. Hutchinson, Matthew A. Williamson, and Dorothy A. Humpf

Kiln Firing Groups: Inter-Household Economic Collaboration and Social Organization in the Northern American Southwest
Wesley Bernardini

Competitive and Cooperative Responses to Climatic Instability in Coastal Southern California
Douglas J. Kennett and James P. Kennett


Response to Critique of the Claim of Cannibalism at Cowboy Wash
Patricia M. Lambert, Banks L. Leonard, Brian R. Billman, Richard A. Marlar, Margaret E. Newman, and Karl J. Reinhard

Weighing vs. Counting Shellfish Remains: A Comment on Mason, Peterson, and Tiffany
Michael A. Glassow

Quantifying Shell: Comments on Mason, Peterson, and Tiffany
Cheryl Claassen