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 American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 68 Number 1 January 2003


Lithic Source Use and Paleoarchaic Foraging Territories in the Great Basin
George T. Jones, Charlotte Beck, Eric E. Jones, and Richard E. Hughes

Resettled Farmers and the Making of a Mississippian Polity
Timothy R. Pauketat

New Interpretations of Mimbres Public Architecture and Space: Implications for Cultural Change
Darrell Creel and Roger Anyon


Postmarital Residence Patterns in the Windover Population: Sex-Based Dental Variation as an Indicator of Patrilocality
Paula D. Tomczak and Joseph F. Powell

Collective Burial in Late Prehistoric Virginia: Excavation and Analysis of the Rapidan Mound
Gary H. Dunham, Debra L. Gold, and Jeffrey L. Hantman

Isotopic Evidence for Diet in the Seventeenth-Century Colonial Chesapeake
Douglas H. Ubelaker and Douglas W. Owsley

End Scraper Reduction and Hunter-Gatherer Mobility
Brooke S. Blades


Cultural Collapses in the Northwest: A Reply to Ian Kuijt
Hayden and Ryder

Gordon Creek Woman Meets Spirit Cave Man: A Response to Comment by Owsley and Jantz
Alan Swedlund and Duane Anderson

Hohokam Political Ecology and Vulnerability: Comments on Waters and Ravesloot
Bradley E. Ensor, Marisa Ensor, and Gregory W. DeVries

Reviews and Book Notes

Social Conflict, Social Structure and Processes of Culture Change
Stephen Plog

  • Warless Societies and the Origin of War, by Raymond C. Kelly
  • Deadly Landscapes: Case Studies in Prehistoric Southwestern Warfare, edited by Glen E. Rice and Steven A. Leblanc

The Exploitation of Plant Resources in Ancient Africa, by Marijke Van Der Veen
Joanna Casey

If These Pots Could Talk: Collecting 2,000 Years of British Household Pottery, by Ivor Noël Hume
Charles C. Kolb

Myth, Memory, and the Making of the American Landscape, edited by Paul A. Shackel
Daniel W. Ingersoll

From Quarry to Cornfield: The Political Economy of Mississippian Hoe Production, by Charles R. Cobb
William F. Keegan

Power and Gender in Oneota Culture: A Study of a Late Prehistoric People, by Thomas Edward Berres
Brian G. Redmond

Cultural Evolution: Contemporary Viewpoints, edited by Gary M. Feinman and Linda Manzanilla
James Sackett

Canal Boats along the Illinois and Michigan Canal: A Study in Archaeological Variability, by Floyd Mansberger and Christopher Stratton
Michael Brian Schiffer

"I, Too, Am America": Archaeological Studies of African-American Life, edited by Theresa A. Singleton
Paul A. Shackel

Indigenous Archaeology, American Indian Values and Scientific Practice, by Joe Watkins
Richard B. Stamps

Assessing Site Significance: A Guide for Archaeologists and Historians, by Donald L. Hardesty and Barbara J. Little
Judith Francis Zeitlin

Society and Settlement in Iron Age Europe, edited by John Collis
Tina L. Thurston

Archaeologies of Landscape: Contemporary Perspectives, edited by Wendy Ashmore and A. Bernard Knapp
Sharon R. Steadman

Taming the Taxonomy: Toward a New Understanding of Great Lakes Archaeology, edited by Ronald F. Williamson and Christopher M. Watts
Guy Gibbon

Daily Life of the Ancient Egyptians, by Bob Brier and Hoyt Hobbs
Boyce Driskell

A Very Remote Period Indeed: Papers on the Palaeolithic Presented to Derek Roe, edited by Sarah Milliken and Jill Cook
Lawrence G. Straus

Bronze Age Economics: The Beginnings of Political Economies, by Timothy Earle
E. Christian Wells

Prehistoric Painted Pottery of Southeastern Arizona Robert A. Heckman, Barbara K. Montgomery, and Stephanie M. Whittlesey
Patricia A. Gilman

Carlon Village: Land, Water, Subsistence, and Sedentism in the Northern Great Basin, by George F. Wingard
Susan C. Vehik