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  Little Bighorn on the Scioto: The Rocky Mountain Connection to Ohio Hopewell Minimize

Warren R. DeBoer


Identification of probable bighorn sheep representations at Mound City prompts reconsideration of the Rocky Mountain connection to Ohio Hopewell. Following James Griffin's "one-shot" hypothesis, it is argued that the bighorn finds, along with the imported bulk of obsidian from the Hopewell site, are likely to pertain to a single expedition taking place about A.D. 200.


La identificación de representaciones de borrego cimarrón en el sitio de Mound City reabre el caso de vinculaciones entre las Rocky Mountains y la cultura Hopewell de Ohio. Congruente con la hipótesis de James Griffin, se sugiere que los restos de borrego, además de la obsidiana importada al sitio Hopewell mismo, pertenecen a una sola expedición que occurrió cerca de D.C. 200.