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 American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 69 Number 4 October 2004


Reconsidering Taino Social Dynamics After Spanish Conquest: Gender And Class In Culture Contact Studies
Kathleen Deagan

Peopling Landscapes between Villages in the Middle Gila River Valley of Central Arizona
E. Christian Wells, Glen E. Rice, and John C. Ravesloot

Privatization, Small-Seed Intensification, and the Origins of Pottery in the Western Great Basin
Jelmer W. Eerkens

Reevaluating Late Prehistoric Coastal Subsistence and Settlement Strategies: New Data From Grove's Creek Site, Skidaway Island, Georgia
Deborah A. Keene

Prehistoric Demography in the Southwest: Migration, Coalescence, and Hohokam Population Decline
J. Brett Hill, Jeffery J. Clark, William H. Doelle, and Patrick D. Lyons


A Middle Archaic Burial from East Central Kansas
Robert J. Hoard, William E. Banks, Rolfe D. Mandel, Michael Finnegan, and Jennifer E. Epperson

Non-Destructive Radiocarbon Dating: Naturally Mummified Infant Bundle from SW Texas
Karen L. Steelman, Marvin W. Rowe, Solveig A. Turpin, Tom Guilderson and Laura Nightengale

Obsidian in Early Woodland Contexts in the Upper Mississippi Valley
James B. Stoltman and Richard E. Hughes

The Bat Creek Stone Revisited: A Fraud Exposed
Robert C. Mainfort, Jr. and Mary L. Kwas

Building Confidence in Shell: Variations in the Marine Radiocarbon Reservoir Correction for the Northwest Coast Over the Past 3,000 Years
Jennie N. Deo, John O. Stone, and Julie K. Stein


Settlement Dynamics of the Middle Paleolithic and Middle Stone Age, edited by Nicholas J. Conard
Emily H. Moss

The Chaco Handbook: An Encyclopedic Guide, by R. Gwin Vivian and Bruce Hilpert;
and List of Southwestern Pottery Types and Wares, by Norman T. Oppelt
Stephen R. Durand

Archaeological Investigations in the Aleutian Islands, by Waldemar Jochelson;
and Archaeology in the Aleut Zone of Alaska: Some Recent Research, edited by Don E. Dumond
Genevieve LeMoine

Archaeology in the Bering Strait Region, edited by Don E. Dumond and Richard Bland;
and Eskimo Architecture: Dwelling and Structure in the Early Historic Period, by Molly Lee and Gregory A. Reinhardt
Jean S. Aigner

Excavation, by Steve Roskams
Dave Johnstone