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 American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 70 Number 1 January 2005


Communities, Settlements, Sites, and Surveys: Regional-Scale Analysis of Prehistoric Human Interaction
Cristian E. Peterson and Robert D. Drennan

Reconsidering Spatial and Temporal Aspects of Prehistoric Cultural Identity: A Case Study from the American Southwest
Wesley Bernardini

Culture Contact or Colonialism? Challenges in the Archaeology of Native North America
Stephen W. Silliman

Does Size Matter? Body Size, Mass Collecting, and Their Implications for Understanding Prehistoric Foraging Behavior
Andrew Ugan

The Effects of the Hypsithermal on Prehistoric Foraging Efficiency in Missouri
Steve Wolverton

The Wreck Of The Barque, North Carolina, Bermuda, 1880: An Underwater Crime Scene?
Richard A. Gould


The Emerging Archaeology of Glaciers and Ice Patches: Examples from Alaska's Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve
E. James Dixon, William F. Manley, and Craig M. Lee

Nineteenth-Century Arrow Wounds and Perceptions of Prehistoric Warfare
George R. Milner

Publishing Archaeology in Science and Scientific American, 1940-2003
R. Lee Lyman, Michael J. O’Brien, and Michael Brian Schiffer


The Emergence of Large Villages and Large Residential Corporate Group Structures among Complex Hunter/gatherers at Keatley Creek
Brian Hayden

The Emergence of Complex Hunter-Gatherers on the Canadian Plateau: A Response to Hayden
William C. Prentiss, Michael Lenert, Thomas A. Foor, and Nathan B. Goodale

Ethnoarchaeology In Indonesia Illuminating the Ancient Past at Çatalhöyük?
Ron L. Adams

Socialization and Feasting at Çatalhöyük: A Response to Adams
Ian Hodder


Sexual Revolutions: Gender and Labor at the Dawn of Agriculture, by Jane Peterson
Mary Weismantel

The Origins of Pottery and Agriculture, edited by Yoshinori Yasuda
Peter Bleed

The Land of Houlouf: Genesis of a Chadic Polity 1900 BC – AD 1800, by Augustin Holl
Scott MacEachern

Islanders and Mainlanders: Prehistoric Context for the Southern California Bight, edited by Jeffery H. Altschul and Donn R. Grenda
G. Timothy Gross

The Ringering Site and the Archaic-Woodland Transition in the American Bottom, by J. Bryant Evans and Madeleine G. Evans; The Floyd Site: A Terminal Archaic Habitation in the Northern American Bottom, by J. Bryant Evans; and The Dash Reeves Site: A Middle Woodland Village and Lithic Production Center in the American Bottom, by Andrew C. Fortier
N'omi B. Greber

Three Sixteenth-Century Mohawk Iroquois Village Sites, by Robert E. Funk and Robert D. Kuhn
Mima Kapches

The Backbone of History: Health and Nutrition in the Western Hemisphere, edited by Richard H. Steckel and Jerome C. Rose
Joel D. Irish

Foundations of Anasazi Culture: The Basketmaker-Pueblo Transition, edited by Paul F. Reed
Jenny L. Adams

Early Earthquakes of the Americas, by Robert L. Kovach
Payson Sheets

Bottle Creek. A Pensacola Culture Site in South Alabama, edited by Ian W. Brown
Nancy Marie White

Lost World: Rewriting Prehistory—How New Science is Tracing America’s Ice Age Mariners, by Tom Koppel; and The Early Settlement of North America: The Clovis Era, by Gary Haynes
Thomas Dillehay

The Political Economy of Craft Production, Crafting Empire in South India c. 1350-1650, by Carla M. Sinopoli; and Craft Production and Social Change in Northern China. Anne P. Underhill
Sarah Milledge Nelson

The Colonisation and Settlement of Cyprus: Investigations at Kissonerga-Mylouthkia, 1976-1996, edited by Edgar Peltenburg; and The Sydney Cyprus Survey Project: Social Approaches to Regional Archaeological Survey, by Michael Given and A. Bernard Knapp
Richard W. Yerkes

Environmental Archaeology: Principles and Practice, by Dena F. Dincauze
Eric J. Kaldahl