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 American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 70 Number 2 April 2005


Effigy Pipes, Diplomacy, and Myth: Exploring Interaction between St. Lawrence Iroquoians and Eastern Iroquois in New York State
Anthony Wonderley

Bone Chemistry, Body Parts, and Growth Marks: Evaluating Ohio Hopewell and Cahokia Mississippian Seasonality, Subsistence, Ritual, and Feasting
Richard W. Yerkes

Climate Change and Culture Change on the Southern Coast of British Columbia 2400–1200 cal. B.P.: An Hypothesis
Dana Lepofsky, Ken Lertzman, Douglas Hallett, and Rolf Mathewes

Ceramic Specialization and Agricultural Marginality: Do Ethnographic Models Explain the Development of Specialized Pottery Production in the Prehistoric American Southwest?
Karen G. Harry

A Case of Historic Cannibalism in the American West: Implications for Southwestern Archaeology
Alison E. Rautman and Todd W. Fenton


The Watercraft of Isla Cedros, Baja California: Variability and Capabilities of Indigenous Seafaring Technology Along the Pacific Coast of North America
Matthew R. Des Lauriers

Morphological Observations on Recently Recovered Early Agricultural Period Maize Cob Fragments from Southern Arizona
Michael W. Diehl

Book Review Essays

Modern Approaches to Paleolithic Archaeology in Europe—A Sampler of Research Traditions
G. A. Clark

Bettencourt-Saint-Ouen (Somme): Cinq occupations paléolithiques au début de la dernière glaciation, edited by Jean-Luc Locht
Campements mésolithiques en Bresse jurassienne—Choisey et Ruffey-sur-Seille (Jura), edited by Frédéric Séara, Sylvain Rotillon, Christophe Cupillard
Recent Studies in the Final Palaeolithic of the European Plain, edited by Berit Valentin Eriksen and Bodil Bratlund
Rekem—a Federmesser Camp on the Meuse River Bank, Vols. I, II, by Marc De Bie And Jean-Paul Caspar
Brian Hayden and Suzanne Villeneuve

Lascaux, Le Geste, L'Espace, et Le Temps, by Norbert Aujoulat
Chauvet Cave: The Art of Earliest Times, edited by Jean Clottes
Justin Jennings

The Recovery of Meaning: Historical Archaeology in the Eastern United States, edited by Mark P. Leone and Parker B. Potter, Jr.
A Marxist Archaeology, by Randall H. McGuire
Behavioral Archaeology, by Michael Brian Schiffer
Method and Theory in Historical Archaeology, by Stanley South

Geoarchaeology of Landscapes in the Glaciated Northeast, edited by David L. Cremeens and John P. Hart
Andrew M. Stewart

Envisioning Cahokia: A Landscape Perspective, by Rinita A. Dalan, George R. Holley, William I. Woods, Harold W. Watters, Jr., and John A. Koepke
Thomas E. Emerson

Late Paleoindian Occupation of the Southern Rocky Mountains: Early Holocene Projectile Points and Land Use in the High Country, by Bonnie L. Pitblado
Mary Lou Larson

Life on the Periphery: Economic Change in Late Prehistoric Southeastern New Mexico, edited by John Speth
Darrell Creel

Affluent Foragers of the North American Plains: Landscape Archaeology of the Black Hills, by Marcel Kornfeld
Jack Brink

The Archaeology of Castle Rock Pueblo: A Thirteenth-Century Village in Southwestern Colorado [HTML Title], edited by Kristin A. Kuckelman

The Archaeology of Woods Canyon Pueblo: A Canyon-Rim Village in Southwestern Colorado [HTML Title], edited by Melissa J. Churchill

The Archaeology of Yellow Jacket Pueblo (Site 5MT5): Excavations at a Large Community Center in Southwestern Colorado [HTML Title], edited by Kristin A. Kuckelman
Caryn Berg