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 American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 71 Number 4 October 2006


Too Little, Too Late? The Radiocarbon Chronology of Alaska and the Peopling of the New World
Michael R. Bever

Style and Resistance in the Seventeenth-Century Salinas Province
Katherine A. Spielmann, Jeannette L. Mobley-Tanaka, and James M. Potter

LiDAR for Archaeological Landscape Analysis: A Case Study of Two Eighteenth-Century Maryland Plantation Sites
James M. Harmon, Mark P. Leone, Stephen D. Prince, and Marcia Snyder

Rock Fortifications: Archaeological Insights into Precontact Warfare and Sociopolitical Organization among the Stó:Lo of the Lower Fraser River Canyon, B.C.
David M. Schaepe

Fields of Power: Upland Farming in the Prehispanic Casas Grandes Polity, Chihuahua, Mexico
Paul E. Minnis, Michael E. Whalen, and R. Emerson Howell

Detection Functions for Archaeological Survey
E. B. Banning, A. L. Hawkins, and S. T. Stewart


Experimental and Archaeological Verification of an Index of Retouch for Hafted Bifaces
William Andrefsky, Jr.


Polynesian Seafaring And American Horizons: A Response To Jones And Klar
Atholl Anderson

On Open Minds and Missed Marks: A Response to Atholl Anderson
Terry L. Jones and Kathryn A. Klar

Understanding Cultural Evolutionary Models: A Reply to Read’s Critique
Joseph Henrich


Centuries of Decline during the Hohokam Classic Period at Pueblo Grande, edited by David R. Abbott
Stephen H. Lekson

Contact, Continuity, and Collapse: The Norse Colonization of the North Atlantic, edited by James H. Barrett
Mark Tveskov

The Reconstructed Past: Reconstructions in the Public Interpretation of Archaeology and History, edited by John H. Jameson, Jr.
Nicholas James

Totah: Time and the Rivers Flowing: Excavations in the La Plata Valley, Volume 5: Harmony and Discord: Bioarchaeology, by Debra L. Martin, Nancy J. Akins, Alan H. Goodman, H. Wolcott Toll, and Alan C. Swedlund
Wendy Bustard

Race and the Archaeology of Identity, edited by Charles E. Orser, Jr.
Kenneth G. Kelly

Stone Tool Traditions in the Contact Era, edited by Charles R. Cobb
Scott E. Simmons

Sydney’s Aboriginal Past: Investigating the Archaeological and Historical Records, by Val Attenbrow
Mark W. Allen

Excavations at Wickliffe Mounds, by Kit W. Wesler
Lynne P. Sullivan

An Archaeological History of Japan: 30,000 B.C. to A.D. 700, by Koji Mizoguchi
Junko Habu