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 American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 72 Number 4 October 2007


Inference to the Best Explanation: A Common and Effective Form of Archaeological Reasoning
Lars Fogelin

Migration and Social Structure among the Hopewell: Evidence from Ancient DNA
Deborah A. Bolnick and David Glenn Smith


Lapita Migrants in The Pacific's Oldest Cemetery: Isotopic Analysis at Teouma, Vanuatu
R. Alexander Bentley, Hallie R. Buckley, Matthew Spriggs, Stuart Bedford, Chris J. Ottley, Geoff M. Nowell, Colin G. Macpherson, and D. Graham Pearson

Opportunistic Whale Hunting on the Southern Northwest Coast: Ancient DNA, Artifact, and Ethnographic Evidence
Robert J. Losey and Dongya Y. Yang

Life Histories of Pots and Potters: Situating the Individual in Archaeology
Patricia L. Crown

Toolkit Composition and Assemblage Variability: The Implications of Nogahabara I, Northern Alaska
Daniel Odess and Jeffrey T. Rasic

Radiocarbon Dating and Dietary Stable Isotope Analysis of Kwaday Dän Ts’inchí
Michael P. Richards, Sheila Greer, Lorna T. Corr, Owen Beattie, Alexander Mackie, Richard P. Evershed, Al von Finster, and John Southon

Human Impacts on Nearshore Shellfish Taxa: A 7,000 Year Record from Santa Rosa Island, California
Todd J. Braje, Douglas J. Kennett, Jon M. Erlandson, and Brendan J. Culleton

Magnetic Evidence of Ridge Constructon and Use at Poverty Point
Michael L. Hargrave, Tad Britt, and Matthew D. Reynolds

Trampling Experiments in the Search for the Earliest Americans
Neal H. Lopinot and Jack H. Ray


Do Regions Make Theory? Comments on Mitchell’s Discussion of the Legacy of the Missouri Basin Project
Peter Bleed

The Effect of the Direct Historical Approach on the Development of Theory in Plains Archaeology: A Comment on Mitchell’s Analysis of the MBP Legacy
Donna C. Roper

Communities Make Theory: A Response to Bleed and Roper
Mark D. Mitchell


Folsom: New Archaeological Investigations of a Classic Paleoindian Bison Kill, by David J. Meltzer
Douglas H. MacDonald

Stone Age Spear and Arrow Points of California and the Great Basin, by Noel D. Justice; and Stone Age Spear and Arrow Points of the Southwestern United States, by Noel D. Justice
Robert M. Yohe II

Geochemical Evidence for Long-Distance Exchange, edited by Michael D. Glascock
Jeffrey Ferguson

Archaeological Semiotics, by Robert Preucel
Zoe Crossland