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 Volume 74 Number 2 April 2009


Change and Continuity, Practice and Memory: Native American Persistence in Colonial New England
Stephen W. Silliman

Rethinking the Ramey State: Was Cahokia the Center of a Theater State?
Julie Zimmermann Holt

Adaptive Cycles of Coastal Hunter-Gatherers
Victor D. Thompson and John A. Turck


A Formal Test of the Origin Of VariationI North American Early Paleoindian Projectile Points
Briggs Buchanan and Marcus J. Hamilton

Pronghorn Dental Age Profiles and Holocene Hunting Strategies at Hogup Cave, Utah
David A. Byers and Brenda L. Hill

Occasional Hunts or Mass Kills? Investigating the Originso Archaeological Pronghorn Bonebeds in Southwest Wyoming
Jack N. Fenner

Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Radiocarbon Dating of Temper in Shell-Tempered Ceramics: Test Cases from Mississippi, Southeastern United States
Evan Peacock and James K. Feathers

Understanding Cache Variability: A Deliberately Burned Early Paleoindian Tool Assemblage from the Crowfield Site, Southwestern Ontario, Canada
D. Brian Deller, Christopher J. Ellis, and James R. Keron