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 Comments on Howey and O'shea "Bear's Journey and the Study of Ritual in Archaeology" Minimize

David S. Whitley

Howey and O'Shea (2006) misrepresent one of my statements twice, attributing a position to me that I have argued against for two decades; they misrepresent the way that ethnography is used in the archaeology of religion and the manner in which rock art research is conducted; and, despite their claims to the contrary, their study illustrates the importance of the identification of meaning in the archaeology of religion.

Howey y O'Shea representan falsamente dos veces una de mis declaraciones, atribuyendo a mí una posición que he discutido contra por dos décadas; representan falsamente la manera en que la ethnografia está utilizado en la archaeologia de la religión y de la manera en cual se conduce la investigación del arte rupestre; y, contra sus declaraciones, sus estudia demonstran otra vece la importancia de "meaning" in estudios de religiones prehistoricas.
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