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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 12 Number 2 June 2001


A Calendrical and Demographic Tomb Text from Northern Peru
Gary Urton

Paleoecological Evidence of an Early Postclassic Occupation in the Southwestern Maya Lowlands: Laguna Las Pozas, Guatemala
Kevin J. Johnston, Andrew J. Breckenridge, and Barbara Hansen

Alfarería temprana en sitios de cazadores—recolectores de la región pampeana (Argentina)
Gustavo G. Politis, Gustavo A. Martínez y Mariano Bonomo


The Chronology of Conquest: Implications of New Radiocarbon Analyses from the Cañada de Cuicatlán, Oaxaca
Charles Spencer and Elsa M. Redmond

La deformación artificial en el período Arcáico de Arica
José A. Cocilovo y María Costa-Junqueira

Reviews and Book Notes

Book Review Essays

Voices from the Aztec Periphery
Frances F. Berdan

Ancient Economy and Alternative Approaches to Stone Tools at Copán, Honduras
Geoffrey E. Braswell


Between the Lines: The Mystery of the Giant Ground Drawings of Ancient Nasca, Peru, by Anthony F. Aveni
Donald A. Proulx

Ceramic Production and Distribution in the Chavín Sphere of Influence (North-Central Andes), by Isabelle C. Druc
Frances Hayashida

Historical Dictionary of Ancient Mesoamerica, by Joel W. Palka
David Webster

Tepetitlán: Un espacio doméstico rural en el área de Tula / A Rural Household in the Toltec Heartland, by Robert H. Cobean and Alba Guadalupe Mastache
Dan M. Healan

El Chagüite, Jalapa: El Período Formativo en el Oriente de Guatemala, by Alain Ichon and Rita Grignon
Barbara Arroyo de Pieters

Book Notes

Archaeological Investigation at the Site of El Inga, Ecuador, by Robert E. Bell
Ernesto Salazar

Beyond Cloth and Cordage: Archaeological Textile Research in the Americas, edited by Penelope Ballard Drooker and Laurie D. Webster
Ruth Fauman-Fichman

Estudios mexicas, by Eduardo Matos Moctezuma
Michael E. Smith