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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 12 Number 3 September 2001


Las estructuras tumulares (cerritos) del litoral atlántico uruquayo
José M. López Mazz

Household and Family at Moche, Peru: An Analysis of Building and Residence Patterns in a Prehispanic Urban Center
Hendrik Van Gijseghem


Expedient Shell Tools from the Northern West Indies
Sharyn Jones O'Day, and William F. Keegan

Presencia de mayólicas panameñas en el mundo colonial: algunas consideraciones acerca de su distribución y cronología
Beatriz E. Rovira


The Continuing Quest for El Dorado: Round Two
Betty J. Meggers

In Quest of Prehistoric Amazonia
Warren R. DeBoer, Keith Kintigh, and Arthur G. Rostoker

Of Lost Civilization and Primitive Tribes, Amazonia: A Reply to Meggers
Michael J. Heckenberger, James B. Peterson, and Eduardo Góes Neves

Reviews and Book Notes

Book Review Essay

Teotihuacan and the Development of Postclassic Mesoamerica
Deborah L. Nichols


Reading Inca History, by Catherine Julien
Sabine MacCormack

The First South Americans: The Peopling of a Continent from the Earliest Evidence to High Culture, by Danièle Lavallée
David Browman

Lost Shores, Forgotten Peoples: Spanish Explorations of the South East Maya Lowlands, edited by Lawrence H. Feldman
Edward Schortman

Archaeology of Ancient Mexico and Central America: An Encylopedia, edited by Susan T. Evans and David Webster
Kathryn Kamp

Relación de la Nueva España, by Alonso de Zorita
José Luis de Rojas

Relación de las dos entradas que hice a la conversión de los gentiles ytzáx, y cehaches, edited by Temis Vayhinger-Scheer
Grant Jones

Mayas del Puuc: Arqueología de la región de Xculuc, Campeche, by Dominique Michelet, Pierre Becquelin, and Marie-Charlotte Arnauld
Markus Reindel

Land of the Turkey and the Deer: Recent Research in Yucatan, edited by Ruth Gubler
Travis W. Stanton

Archaeology in Latin America, edited by Gustavo G. Politis and Benjamin Alberti
Helaine Silverman

Awatimarka: The Ethnoarchaeology of an Andean Herding Community, by Lawrence A. Kuznar Copán: The Rise and Fall of an Ancient Maya Kingdom, by David Webster, Anncorinne Freter, and Nancy Gonlin
Thomas H. Carlton

Imperfect Balance: Landscape Transformations in the Precolumbian Americas, edited by David L. Lentz
Andrew Sluyter