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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 13 Number 4 December 2002


Irrigation and the Origins of the Southern Moche State on the North Coast of Peru
Brian R. Billman

Getting Closer to the Source: Using Ethnoarchaeology to Find Ancient Pottery Making in the Naco Valley, Honduras
Samuel V. Connell

Left/Right Symbolism and the Body in Ancient Maya Iconography and Culture
Joel W. Palka


Evidence for Early Long-Distance Obsidian Exchange and Watercraft Use from the Southern Lake Titicaca Basin of Bolivia and Peru
Charles Stanish, Richard L. Burger, Lisa M. Cipolla , Michael D. Glascock, and Esteban Quelima

Roedores Y Lagartos Como Emergentes De La Diversificacion De La Subsistencia Durante El Holoceno Tardio En Sierras De La Region Pampeana Argentina
Carlos Adrián Quintana, Federico Valverde, Diana Leonis Mazzanti


Shaping Culture: Making Pots and Constructing Households: An Ethnoarchaeological Study of Pottery Production, Trade and Use in the Andes, by Bill Sillar
Michael Deal

Book Notes

History of the Conquest of Mexico and History of the Conquest of Peru, by William H. Prescott
Edward E. Calnek

Central America: A Natural and Cultural History, edited by Anthony G. Coates
John W. Hoopes