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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 14 Number 1 March 2003


Inka Pottery as Culinary Equipment: Food, Feasting, and Gender in Imperial State Design
Tamara L. Bray

Early Formative Pottery from the Tuxtla Mountains and Implications for Gulf Olmec Origins
Philip J. Arnold III

Local Elites and the Reformation of Late Intermediate Period Sociopolitical and Economic Organization in Nasca, Peru
Christina A. Conlee


Indigenous Ware or Spanish Import? The Case of Indígena Ware and Approaches to Power in Colonial Mexico
Enrique Rodríguez-Alegría, Hector Neff, and Michael D. Glasco


Intercambio y comercio entre costa, andes y selva: Arqueología y etnohistoria de Suramérica, edited by Felipe Cárdenas-Arroyo and Tamara L. Bray
James A. Zeidler

Fiestas de los pueblos indígenas: ritos aztecas, las fiestas de las veintanas, by Michel Graulich
Peter Kröfges

Guaman Poma y Blas Valera: Tradición Andina e Historia Colonial. Actas del Coloquio Internacional, Instituto Italo-Lationoamericano, Roma, 29-30 de Septiembre de 1999, edited by Antonio Pellicani
Cristina Alcalde

Guaman Poma and His Illustrated Chronicle from Colonial Peru: From a Century of Scholarship to a New Era of Reading / Guaman Poma y su crónica ilustrada del Perú colonial: un siglo de investigaciones hacia una nueva era de lectura, by Rolena Adorno
Penny Z. Dransart

Andean Worlds: Indigenous History, Culture, and Consciousness under Spanish Rule, by Kenneth J. Andrien
Susan A. Niles

Book Notes

Skywatchers, by Anthony F. Aveni
Susan Milbrath

Ritual Sacrifice in Ancient Peru, edited by Elizabeth P. Benson and Anita G. Cook
Izumi Shimada

Grammar of the Mexican Language, With an Explanation of its Adverbs (1645), by Horacio Carochi, S.J.; and Nahuatl as Written: Lessons in Older Written Nahuatl, with Copious Examples and Texts, by James Lockhart
Una Canger

Náyari History, Politics, and Violence: From Flowers to Ash, by Philip E. Coyle
Johannes Neurath

Feasts: Archaeological and Ethnographic Perspectives on Food, Politics, and Power, edited by Michael Dietler and Brian Hayden
Michael E. Smith

Mesoamerica's Ancient Cities: Aerial Views of Pre-Columbian Ruins in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras, by William M. Ferguson and Richard E. W. Adams
Osvaldo Sterpone

The Road to Aztlan: Art from a Mythic Homeland, edited by Virginia M. Fields and Victor Zamudio-Taylor
Virginia E. Miller

From Leaders to Rulers, edited by Jonathan Haas
John E. Clark

Mesoamerica's Ancient Cities: Aerial Views of Pre-Columbian Ruins in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras, by William M. Ferguson and Richard E. W. Adams
Osvaldo Sterpone

The Last Saltmakers of Nexquipayac, Mexico: An Archaeological Ethnography, edited by Jeffrey R. Parsons
Susan Kepecs

Encyclopedia of Prehistory Middle America, edited by Peter N. Peregrine and Melvin Ember
Susan Toby Evans

Reconstruyendo la ciudad maya: el urbanismo en las sociedades antiguas, edited by Andrés Ciudad Ruiz, María Josefa Iglesias Ponce De León, and María Del Carmen Martínez Martínez
Javier López Camacho

Animals and Plants of the Ancient Maya: A Guide, by Victoria Schlesinger
Kitty F. Emery

Casas Grandes and Its Hinterland: Prehistoric Regional Organization in Northwest Mexico, by Michael E. Whalen and Paul E. Minnis
Stephen A. Kowalewski

The Sport and Life and Death: The Mesoamerican Ballgame, edited by E. Michael Whittington
Marcello A. Canuto

Ancient Maya Women, edited by Traci Ardren
Lisa J. Lucero

The Articulated Peasant: Household Economies in the Andes, by Enrique Mayer
Christine A. Hastorf

Lines in the Water. Nature and Culture at Lake Titicaca, by Ben Orlove
Helaine Silverman