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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 14 Number 2 June 2003


The Theoretical Landscape and the Methodological Development of Archaeology in Latin America
Gustavo G. Politis

La Orientación Este De Los Entierros Aborígenes En Cuevas De Cuba: Remate De Una Fábula
Gabino La Rosa Corzo

Maya Calendar Reform? Evidence from Orientations of Specialized Architectural Assemblages
Anthony F. Aveni, Anne S. Dowd, and Benjamin Vining


Sak Tz'i', a Classic Maya Center: A Locational Model Based on GIS and Epigraphy
Armando Anaya Hernández, Stanley P. Guenter, and Marc U. Zender

Geologic Water Storage In Precolumbian Peru
Jerry P. Fairley, Jr.

Caves and Ancient Maya Ritual Use of Jute
Christina T. Halperin, Sergio Garza, Keith M. Prufer, and James E. Brady


Can We Read Cosmology in Ancient Maya City Plans? Comment on Ashmore and Sabloff
Michael E. Smith

Interpreting Ancient Maya Civic Plans: Reply to Smith
Wendy Ashmore and Jeremy A. Sabloff

Book Notes

War and Society in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds: Asia, the Mediterranean, Europe, and Mesoamerica, edited by Kurt Raaflaub and Nathan Rosenstein
Jay Silverstein

Theaters of Conversion: Religious Architecture and Indian Artisans in Colonial Mexico, by Samuel Y. Edgerton
Enrique Rodriguez-Alegria

Mesoamerican Healers, edited by Brad R. Huber and Alan R. Sandstrom
Thomas H. Charlton