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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 15 Number 1 March 2004


Mortuary Preferences: A Wari Culture Case Study from Middle Horizon Peru 
William H. Isbell

Monte Negro and the Urban Revolution in Oaxaca, Mexico
Andrew K. Balkansky, Verónica Pérez Rodríguez, and Stephen A. Kowalewski

Households, Crafts, and Feasting in the Ancient Andes: The Village Context of Early Nasca Craft Consumption
Kevin J. Vaughn


Patrón funerario arcaico temprano del sitio Acha-3 y su relación con Chinchorro: cazadores, pescadores, y recolectores de la costa norte de Chile
Vivien G. Standen Y Calogero M. Santoro


Book Review Essay

Daily Life of the Aztecs, by Jacques Soustelle
Thomas W. Cuddy

Book Reviews

Latin American Thought: Philosophical Problems and Arguments, by Susana Nuccetelli
Greg Borgstede

Zapotec Hieroglyphic Writing, by Javier Urcid Serrano
Adam T. Sellen

Cultivated Landscapes of Middle America on the Eve of the Conquest, by Thomas M. Whitmore and B. L. Turner II
Vernon L. Scarborough

Cultivated Landscapes of Native America and the Andes, by William M. Denevan
Clark L. Erickson

The Flow of Power: Ancient Water Systems and Landscapes, by Vernon L. Scarborough
Christian Isendahl