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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 17 Number 4 December 2006


Aztec Teotihuacán: Political Processes at a Postclassic and Early Colonial City-State in the Basin Of Mexico, A.D. 1200--1650
Christopher P. Garraty

A Critical Approach to 14C Dating in the Caribbean: Using Chronometric Hygiene to Evaluate Chronological Control and Prehistoric Settlement
Scott M. Fitzpatrick

A Frontier Perspective on Paracas Society and Nasca Ethnogenesis 
Hendrik Van Gijseghem

El Templete Tulán de la Puna de Atacama: Emergencia de Complejidad Ritual Durante el Formativo Temprano (Norte de Chile) 
Lautaro Núñez, Isabel Cartajena, Carlos Carrasco, y Patricio de Souza

Chronology, Subsistence, and the Earliest Formative of Central Tlaxcala, Mexico 
Richard G. Lesure, Aleksander Borejsza, Jennifer Carballo, Charles Frederick, Virginia Popper, and Thomas A. Wake

Procedures in Human Heart Extraction and Ritual Meaning: A Taphonomic Assessment of Anthropogenic Marks in Classic Maya Skeletons 
Vera Tiesler and Andrea Cucina


Montículos de la Cuenca de la Laguna Merín Tiempo, Espacio y Sociedad
Roberto Bracco Boksar

Compositional and Stylistic Analysis of Aztec-Era Ceramics: Provincial Strategies at the Edge of Empire, South-Central Veracruz, Mexico
Thanet Skoglund, Barbara L. Stark, Hector Neff, and Michael D. Glascock

El Bosque Domesticado, el Bosque Cultivado: Un Proceso Milenario en el Valle Medio del Río Porce en el Noroccidente Colombiano
Neyla Castillo Espitia y Francisco J. Aceituno Bocanegra

Ceramic Production and Exchange in Late/Terminal Formative Period Oaxaca
Arthur A. Joyce, Hector Neff, Mary S. Thieme, Marcus Winter, J. Michael Elam, and Andrew Workinger

3,000 Years of Occupation in Upper Valley Nasca: Excavations at Upanca
Kevin J. Vaughn and Moisés Linares Grados

Book Review Essay

The Linguistics of Maya Writing, edited by Søren Wichmann; How to Read Maya Hieroglyphs, by John Montgomery; and Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions, vol. 8, part 1, by David Stuart and Ian Graham
Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos


Continuities and Changes in Maya Archaeology: Perspectives at the Millennium, edited by Charles W. Golden and Greg Borgestede
Marvin Cohodas

In the Maw of the Earth Monster: Mesoamerican Ritual Cave Use, edited by James E. Brady and Keith M. Prufer
Jon C. Lohse

The Tutu Archaeological Village Site: A Multidisciplinary Case Study in Human Adaptation, edited by Elizabeth Righter
Peter E. Siegel

Bienes estratégicos del antiguo occidente de México: Producción e Intercambio, edited by Eduardo Williams
Michael Love