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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 19 Number 4 December 2008

 War, Chronology, and Causality in the Titicaca Basin
Elizabeth Arkush

Human Sacrifice at Pachacamac
Peter Eeckhout and Lawrence Stewart Owens

Hydraulics, Cacao, and Complex Developments at Preclassic Chocolá, Guatemala: Evidence And Implications
Jonathan Kaplan

Corporate Power Strategies in the Late Formative to Early Classic Tequila Valleys of Central Jalisco
Christopher S. Beekman

The Economy of Supply: Modeling Obsidian Procurement and Craft Provisioning at a Central Mexican Urban Center
Kenneth G. Hirth

Spearthrower Owl Hill: A Toponym at Atetelco, Teotihuacan
Jesper Nielsen and Christophe Helmke


The Geoglyphs of Palpa, Peru: Documentation Analysis, and Interpretation, by Karsten Lambers
Christina A. Conlee

Lifeways in the Northern Maya Lowlands, edited by Jennifer P. Mathews and Bethany A. Morrison
Lilia Fernández Souza