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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 2 Number 1 March 1991


Pacariqtambo and the Mythical Origin of the Inca.
Brian S. Bauer

Cultural Responses to Environmental Catastrophes: Post-El Nino Subsistence on the Prehistoric North Coast of Peru.
Jerry D. Moore

Filtration-Gallery Irrigation in the Spanish New World.
Monica Barnes and David Fleming

High-Precision Trace-Element Characterization of Major Mesoamerican Obsidian Sources and Further Analyses of Artifacts from San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan, Mexico.
Robert H. Cobean, James R. Vogt, Michael D. Glascock, and Terrance L. Stocker


Archaeological Evidence of Rodent Consumption in Central Chile.
Javier A. Simonetti and Luis E. Cornejo