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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 8 Number 1 March 1997


Of Royal Mantles and Blue Turquoise: The Meaning of the Mexica Emperor's Mantle
Carmen Aguilera


An Ancient Maya Reservoir and Dam at Tamarindito, El Petén, Guatemala
Timothy Beach and Nicholas Dunning

A Chimu-Inka Ceramic-Manufacturing Center from the North Coast of Peru
Christopher B. Donnan

Excavaciones arqueológicas en el sitio Cueva Tixi, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Diana Leonis Mazzanti

Biconical God Figurines from Cholula and the Codex Borgia
Gabriela Uruñuela, Patricia Plunket, Gilda Hernández, and Juan Albaitero

Transport Costs, Consumer Demand, and Patterns of Intraregional Exchange: A Perspective on Commodity Production and Distribution from Northern Belize
Lenore Santone


In Joanne Pillsbury's article, "The Thorny Oyster and the Origins of Empire: Implications of Recently Uncovered Spondylus Imagery from Chan Chan, Peru" (Vol. 7, No. 4, pp. 313-340), three lines of text were inadvertently repeated at the beginning of page 332, and three lines were dropped at the end of the page while the issue was in production at the printer. Page 332 should begin

Los Buceadores relief, shows a repeated…

and end with the following (incorporating the last line of that page)

…is not an argument for a strictly materialist explanation for the Los Buceadores relief: undoubtedly, there are various layers and interpretations of the imagery. Few, if any, inhabitants of Chan Chan [go to top of page 333]

The editors apologize for this oversight.