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Reproduction of SAA-Copyrighted Materials

The Society for American Archaeology (SAA) recognizes that reproduction of materials that have been copyrighted by the Society is valuable for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research. The Society, therefore, has established the following mechanisms, now managed by Cambridge University Press, to convey permission to reproduce copyrighted material and collect fees where appropriate.


How to Apply for Permission to Reproduce SAA Material from Advances in Archaeological Practice, American Antiquity, Latin American Antiquity, and Memoirs of the Society for American Archaeology in Books and Other Media

First, you must find the article from which you are requesting permission to reproduce material on the Cambridge Core site. If you are not a current SAA member, you can view tables of contents and abstracts by visiting Cambridge Core. Current SAA members can access full content by logging on to the "For Members" tab and then click on "Access Your Online Journal(s)" to navigate to the desired journal/issue.

Once you have accessed the article in question in Cambridge Core, click on the "Request Permission" button that appears under the abstract. From there you will be directed to the RightsLink platform hosted by the Copyright Clearance Center.

For additional assistance, please contact permissionssalesuk@cambridge.org


How to Apply for Permission to Reproduce SAA Material from The SAA Archaeological Record or titles published by The SAA Press in Books and Other Media

Please contact the manager, Publications, at publications@saa.org. You will need to provide the volume/issue number or book title, the page number(s) of the material, and a brief description. Note that in most cases, the permission of the original author will also need to be solicited (to be included on the permission request form that will be provided by SAA), and there will be a fee of $15.00 for the first page or significant part thereof, and $10.00 for each additional page or significant part thereof.


All Other Reproduction

Authors of material copyrighted by the SAA may reproduce their own material in other publications written or edited by them without obtaining permission or making payment. All other reproduction requires written permission of the SAA, which must be shown in the published form with full bibliographic citation. Granting of permission by the SAA is contingent upon written permission of the author and payment of the required fee (both prior to the time permission is granted).

Subsequent editions require new application for permission, including renegotiation of financial arrangements with the SAA. Articles reproduced in full must include all tabular material and figures, footnotes or notes, and bibliography or references as originally published, unless the author agrees to deletions and a statement to that effect is published. Any excerpt must provide the proper context of the quotation. Any changes in material reproduced may be made only with the specific consent of the author, a copy of which must accompany the completed forms submitted to the SAA. Translations must be submitted to the author for his/her approval prior to publication.

When granted, permission is non-exclusive; unless otherwise specified it is valid throughout the world in the English and Spanish languages and in braille.


Material Now in the Public Domain

When SAA receives requests for use of copyrighted material that has entered the public domain, the requestor will be advised as follows:

"No permission or fee is necessary because the material is now in the public domain. The republished material, however, should include the full bibliographic citation."