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Reach more than 7,000 archaeologists worldwide by advertising with SAA today!

The SAA Archaeological Record

A four-color magazine, issued five time a year, encompassing SAA business, commentary, news, regular columns, software reviews, job listings, opinions, and articles.

84th Annual Meeting Program

SAA's Annual Meeting Final Program will be distributed to the more than 3,000 anticipated meeting attendees at registration and posted to SAA's Annual Meeting website. Attendees refer to the program every day of the meeting to plan their schedules and it is often retained for future reference.

SAAweb Homepage

Advertise on the homepage of www.saa.org! Ads can be hyperlinked back to your site.

Job Announcements

Job announcements can be posted to online SAA's Career Center or in The SAA Archaeological Record.

Advertising in SAA Journals

SAA has signed a publishing partnership with Cambridge University Press. Starting in 2017, Cambridge should be contacted with all advertising inquires for American Antiquity, Latin American Antiquity, and Advances in Archaeological Practice. Cambridge can be reached at advertising@cambridge.org. Cheryl Ardovini remains the advertising conact for The SAA Archaeological Record and the Annual Meeting Final Program.


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