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Statement of Purpose

The Fiber Perishables Interest Group is concerned with the identification, analysis, and interpretation of archaeological materials manufactured from plant or animal fibers and the materials themselves. Such materials include basketry, cordage, textiles, sandals, and other types of artifacts constructed from interworked fibrous elements. Although unevenly preserved in the archaeological record, fiber-perishable artifacts have the potential to significantly increase our understanding of prehistoric technologies and stylistic behavior. Because lack of experience with these fragile materials has often resulted in their inadvertent destruction, the group is also concerned with the issues of field recovery and preservation of perishable archaeological remains.


  1. Foster communication among researchers in this small but growing area of study
  2. Serve as a central forum for disseminating information about current research projects and methodological concerns
  3. Members will function as a resource to the archaeological community at large by raising awareness of the goals, methods, and findings of fiber-perishables research


Every other year, FPIG sponsors a symposium at the SAA annual meeting. Other activities, such as workshops and tours, are under consideration. The yearly FPIG business meeting is held in conjunction with the SAA annual meeting. Beyond official agenda, it provides an opportunity to socialize with fellow fiber aficionados. For between-meeting interaction, FPIG sponsors an on-line conference. FPIG aspires to provide information about and access to a broad spectrum of sources and activities related to archaeological perishables.

Newsletter Archives

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