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Statement of Purpose

The Women in Archaeology Interest Group will function as a formal network of SAA members who are interested in a broad range of professional research, and scholarly issues of concern to women archaeologists.


  1. Foster the involvement of women in all activities promoted by the Society for American Archaeology, including research, stewardship, public and professional education, and the dissemination of knowledge about ancient societies and cultures through publication, meetings, and public programming.
  2. Improve contacts among women archaeologists. This includes facilitating contacts between junior and senior scholars and augmenting the mentoring of female graduate students.
  3. Provide a broader forum for the discussion of and action on issues of interest to COSWA, women in archaeology, and archaeologists interested in gender studies. These issues include, but are not limited to:
    1. successful entry into and completion of graduate programs
    2. successful procurement of grants and awards
    3. gender equity in hiring, tenure, promotion, and salary decisions
    4. workplace "climate" issues, including gender-based harassment and discrimination
    5. support for the teaching of gender and feminist issues in stand-alone courses as well as the integration of gendered and feminist perspectives into general introductory, method & theory, and culture-history courses
  4. Promote improvement in quality-of-work and quality-of-life issues of particular importance to women professionals and women graduate students.



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