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The following selected archaeology web sites have been evaluated for public-friendliness. Do you have a web page that could be included in this list of archaeology site web pages? Forward that information using the Feedback Form provided. This page remains under construction.

Archaeology for Kids Online
A list of links to many cools sites including some with online archaeology games.

Dig Cool Sites
Dig! Magazine's links to many cool archaeology web sites for kids. New sites are being added all the time.

Colonial Williamsburg Kid's Page
This web page contains interactive and hands-on archaeology activities for kids. Challenge yourself with the Stratigraphy Quiz or the Artifact Challenge, try an archaeology word search, or view artifacts of Colonial toys and games.

Ancient Egypt
This web site for kids from the British Museum covers all aspects of Ancient Egypt. Each section contains a story and an interactive activity. Kids can decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs, see how a body is mummified, or calculate the size of the Great Pyramid.

Archaeological Analysis: Pieces of the Past
This fun interactive activity from the Royal Ontario Museum introduces historical archaeology through a series of artifact bags that kids can explore and analyze.

Maya Adventure
Explore Maya archaeological sites and try fun science experiments on this web site from the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Mummy Bundles of Peru
This interactive activity on the National Geographic Channel web site allows you to peel through the layers of a mummy bundle from an Inca cemetery in Peru, learning about the artifacts within.

NPS WebRangers
WebRangers is the online version of the National Park Service’s Junior Ranger programs.  The site includes fun learning activities, opportunities to learn more about parks before and after visiting them, and a strong stewardship message.

Stories from the Past (for ages 6-9)
This site includes an interactive archaeology activity for kids:   

Yesterday and Today (for ages 10 to 12)
The site includes an interactive archaeology activity for kids.

Dendrochronology (or tree-ring dating) (for ages 13 and up)
Interactive archaeology activity for kids.

Johnson's Island Kids
Take a virtual tour of this Civil War prison camp and Follow an Artifact on its journey form the dirt to a museum display.