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"Art for Archaeology's Sake: Material Culture and Style Across the Disciplines" will be the theme of the next Chacmool Conference, to be held 8-12 November 2000. The conference will bridge the gap between archaeology, art history, and material culture studies, considering shared as well as divergent ways in which objects and visual imagery are used to infer behavior and ideology.
"Style" has long been a cornerstone of archaeological analysis and has been used to distinguish temporal patterns and cultural affiliation, as well as deep structuring principles and intentional communication of symbolic information. Concurrently, other disciplines use the same basic materials for sometimes parallel but also radically different purposes. The conference will host a conversation across the disciplines to break down barriers and share strategies of interpretation. Potential topics may include the following: Style Grammars and Material Culture, Archaeology and the Art Market, Empire and Style, Conservation vs. Preservation: Whose Aesthetic?, Regional Studies, Rock Art, and Text and Image Among the Classic Maya.
The Proceedings of the conference will subsequently be published. In order to meet granting agency deadlines, session proposals should be submitted before 15 February 2000 to the Abstracts Committee. Paper abstracts of not more than 200 words should be submitted to the Abstracts Committee no later than 15 March 2000; write for a submission form.

To submit a proposal or for more information, contact:
Marc Zender/Calla McNamee
Chacmool 2000 Abstracts Committee
Department of Archaeology
University of Calgary
Calgary AB T2N 1N4
FAX: 403-282?9567