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Arkansas Park to Host Teachers Workshop
Toltec Mounds Archeological Park, outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, will sponsor a Teacher Orientation Workshop July 10. The workshop will assist teachers in planning a field trip to the park, and teachers will have the opportunity to meet park interpreters, learn about the park’s educational programming, and receive a guided tour. For more information, contact the park at 501-961-9442 or email toltecmounds@arkansas.com.

Old Pueblo Offers Pottery Making Workshop
A Traditional Pottery Making Workshop will be taught by John Guerin at Old Pueblo Archaeology Center, Tucson, AZ, March 17-May 5. Arizona Archaeological Society certification may be offered to persons who complete Traditional Pottery Making Workshop Levels 1, 2 and 3. Certification requirements include 60 hours of instruction and hands-on work. To register call Old Pueblo Archaeology Center in Tucson at 520-798-1201.

Foundation Offers Professional Training
The SRI Foundation is dedicated to advancing historic preservation through education, training, and research. The foundation offers a series of continuing education workshops for professional archaeologists. Workshop offerings include section 106 in the New Regulatory Environment, Technical Writing for CRM Professionals, and Integrating the Past: Public Programming and CRM Contracts. Future workshop topics include integrating NEPA and Section 106, principals of tribal consultation, and writing and managing government historic preservation contracts. Workshops are available on-site in a one-day training format that includes lectures, group discussion, and hands-on activities. For more information, contact the SRI Foundation 505-892-5587 or tklein@srifoundation.org.

Project Archaeology Workshop Planned for March
A Project Archaeology Teachers’ Workshop will be held in Coolidge, Arizona, March 9-10. Project Archaeology introduces archaeological materials and lesson plans through a 16-hour workshop in which participants have the opportunity to become the students and experience learning in a supportive hands-on environment. In addition to the lessons, teachers receive background information on the archaeology and cultures of Arizona, and have the opportunity to tour an archaeological site. A book, Intrigue of the Past: A Teaching Guide for Fourth through Seventh Grades, containing 28 lessons, is provided to participants. All participants will receive a certificate at the completion of the course. For more information or to register, please contact Carol Ellick at 520-721-4309.

Archaeology Adventure Offers Professional Development for Educators
The Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, Cortez, Colorado, is offering a week-long course for educators to develop knowledge of Southwest prehistory and the science of archaeology by working in the field, classroom, and lab with professional archaeologists and archaeological educators. This course takes place July 23-29. Tuition for Archaeology of the American Southwest: A Course for Educators is $900 and includes instruction, meals, and shared accommodations in rustic hogan-style cabins.

Critical thinking skills, science processes, history, and multicultural studies are important program components. Guidelines for designing curriculum units that excite students about research and help students develop an appreciation of and respect for other cultures will be given. Course objectives are aligned with National Education Standards for the teaching of Social Studies, Geography, History, and Science. Graduate credit from Colorado State University is available for an additional fee. To request a detailed itinerary of this program, a catalog, or to register, call 800-422-8975, extension 146, or visit www.crowcanyon.org.


NW Anthropological Conference to be Held in Boise
The Northwest Anthropological Conference will be held April 10-13 in Boise, Idaho. Sponsors for the conference are Idaho State Historical Society, Archaeological Survey of Idaho, Boise National Forest, Idaho Bureau of Land Management, and Boise State University Department of Anthropology. For information, contact Mary Anne Davis, Conference Chair, 208-334-3847 or madavis@ishs.state.id.us, or view the web page at www2.state.id.us/ishs/anthroconference.html.

AAM to Hold Annual Meeting in Dallas
The American Association of Museums will hold their annual meeting May 12-16 in Dallas, Texas. The theme for the conference is The Community of Museums: Seeking the Common Good. A great variety of sessions will be offered. A sampling includes Building Partnerships with Native American Communities, The Globalization of Tourism and the Universality of Art, Digital Archeology: Illuminating Multimedia Gems of the Past with a Future Light, and Kids Dig It: Museums and the Archeological Community. For a complete listing of sessions and information on the conference, check the web site at www.aam-us.org/2002annualmeeting/index2.htm.

AASLH Explores Ethnic Diversity as Meeting Theme
The American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) will be hosting their annual meeting in Portland, Oregon, September 25-28. The theme for the 2002 annual meeting is The Many Faces of History. The program committee is seeking proposals that provide models for actively researching these new Faces of History and that explore such questions as 1) how historians are seeking out and gaining the trust of these new Faces in the local community; 2) how these new Faces are affecting the collecting habits of the historical organization; 3) how agencies are interpreting this history in the museum or by other non-traditional means; and 4) how these new Faces affect fundraising and development. For more information check the web site at www.aaslh.org/annualme.htm.

Midwest Archaeological Conference to Meet in Ohio
The Midwest Archaeological Conference will hold their 2002 annual meeting in Columbus, Ohio, October 4-6. The conference will be jointly sponsored by the Ohio State University Department of Anthropology and the Ohio Historical Society. For additional information, contact William S. Dancey at dancey.1@osu.edu.

SEMC Schedules Meeting for Richmond
The Southeastern Museums Conference will hold their annual meeting October 16-19 in Richmond, Virginia. The theme of the 2002 conference is Charting the Future. For more information, check the web site at www.semcdirect.net/2002AnnualMeeting.htm.

World Archaeological Congress Plans 2003 D.C. Meeting
The World Archaeological Congress, the only worldwide representative organization of practicing archaeologists, holds a congress every four years in order to promote the exchange of archaeological research and data, and to provide a forum for dialogue and debate. The Fifth World Archaeological Congress will be held in Washington, D.C., at the Catholic University of America in partnership with the Smithsonian Institution on June 21-26, 2003. For more information, contact Joan Gero at wac5@american.edu.