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 Archaeology Brochures for the Public Minimize

Several archaeology concerns have produced brochures on archaeology for the public. Among other uses, the following examples can be downloaded for use at career day and Archaeology Month events, for site visits and classroom-based visits, and as a resource for classroom instruction.

**Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view most of these brochures. (Download Adobe Reader here .)

Please submit any additions, corrections, or comments you have related to archaeology brochures to the SAA Manager of Public Education.

  • Experience Archaeology (1.98 MB)
    This brochure from the Society for American Archaeology explains to the public ways they can become involved in archaeology.

  • The Fourth “R” – Archaeology
    This fact sheet designed for educators by the Society for American Archaeology emphasizes how archaeology enriches classroom teaching and includes a Teacher’s Toolbox with recommended resources.

  • The Path to Becoming an Archaeologist
    This brochure from the Society for American Archaeology explores the education needed to become an archaeologist and some employment settings for archaeologists.

  • Careers in Historical Archaeology
    This on-line brochure at the Society for Historical Archaeology web site summarizes what Historical Archaeology is, where Historical Archaeologists are employed, and identifies those schools with Graduate Programs offering Historical Archaeology study.

  • Underwater Archaeology (1.98 MB)
    This brochure (size: 875 k) from the Society for Historical Archaeology summarizes what Underwater Archaeology is and directs the reader to information sources about Underwater Archaeology research, conservation, organizations and group, and the Underwater Archaeology Advisory Council. Tips on how to get involved in Underwater Archaeology are provided. Spanish and French language versions of the brochure are available upon request.

  • Is the Past Your Future
    This pamphlet is directed at middle school students and is designed to acquaint them with archaeology and the subdiscipline of historical archaeology (specifically, Careers in Historical Archaeology, Becoming an Archaeologist, the Kinds of Job's Archaeologists do, and the Rewards of Being an Archaeologist). Copies of the brochure may be obtained by contacting the Society for Historical Archaeology, 15245 Shady Grove Road, Ste. 130, Rockville, MD 20850, Phone: 301-990-2454.

  • Careers in Archaeology Education Handout
    This SAA Public Education Committee (PEC) handout discusses several Archaeology Education jobs. Originally prepared for a Cultural Resource Management Expo in 2005, this handout is potentially useful for the general public, for potential academic majors and graduate students, and as career day information for high school and middle school students. Also available is commentary in response to the handout written by Carol McDavid Ph.D.

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Archaeology

    for Students:
    This resource is useful for students participating in Career Days, writing reports, or seeking general information about archaeology and archaeologists.

    for Adults:
    This resource answers some of the most frequently asked questions about archaeology and provides links to other sites to answer your questions.

  • Archaeology: Building our Future by Protecting the Past
    This SAA fact sheet for policymakers summarizes the important historic preservation laws that protect our archaeological heritage.

  • 25 Simple Things You Can Do to Promote The Benefits of Public Archaeology
    (National Park Service, National Register Publication)
    This list of 25 tips comprises just some of the useful information available in this on-line version of a National Register of Historic Places brochure of the same name. This brochure was produced by United States Department of the Interior under a cooperative agreement with the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers (NCSHPO). The National Park Service, National Register of Historic Places, Society for Historical Archaeology, and the Society for American Archaeology produced this publication which is posted at the NPS web site.

  • (Abbreviated Version) 25 Simple Things You Can Do To Promote The Benefits of Public Archaeology
    (US Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Services)

  • Why Teach Archaeology
    This brochure created by the Society for American Archaeology Public Education Committee and posted by the Arkansas Archeological Survey provides a brief overview of why teachers use archaeology in the classroom and why archaeologists want archaeology in the classroom.

  • Five Essential Concepts to Teach in Archaeology Education
    This brochure created by the Society for American Archaeology Public Education Committee and posted by the Arkansas Archeological Survey utlines five concepts identified as vital for understanding the archaeological past and its wise use.

  • Myths and Misconceptions
    This brochure created by the Society for American Archaeology Public Education Committee and posted by the Arkansas Archeological Survey lists myths and misconceptions about archaeology alongside more accurate information.

  • Americans Dig Archaeology (1.98 MB)
    This Media fact sheet designed by the Society for American Archaeology explains what archaeologists do and don’t do. It includes a section to help media contacts 'Find the Facts'. Download the fact sheet here (1.61 MB)

  • 'Archaeology for the public' Bookmark Template
    Need a handy way to give others the Archaeology for the public web page URL? Print this bookmark template on the colored paper of your choice and then cut the bookmarks out. (The template produces 8 bookmarks per sheet) . These bookmarks are a useful resource for outreach to educators, for Public Sessions, for Archaeology Month activities, or for any events or occasions where a centralized reference on archaeology for the public is needed. Add the URL for your archaeology site or project, your local archaeology society, etc., on the blank, flip-side of the bookmark. (69 KB)