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 Educational Resources For Archaeologists Minimize

K-12th Grade Outreach
Undergraduate/Graduate Curriculum Resources
Public Archaeology Educational Resources

Kindergarten through 12th Grade School Outreach Resources

  • KEEP ToolKit
    An archaeology-based demonstration of this educational tool developed by the Knowledge Media Laboratory of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.
  • Archaeologyland!
    Eight hands-on, archaeology and cultural history-based activities designed for archaeologists that can be used in non-formal classroom events.
  • Network of Archaeology Education Coordinators
    This Network of State and Provincial Coordinators is part of the Society for American Archaeology Public Education Committee. These individuals have volunteered to help coordinate archaeology education in each state.
  • SAA Public Education Committee (PEC)
    Mission statement, Charge, member bios, task group projects, committee history, traveling exhibit, A&PE [Archaeology and Public Education] Newsetter archive.

Undergraduate Curriculum Resources

  •  M.A.T.R.I.X. Making Archaeology Relevant in the XXI Century
    This vast website includes information, ideas, and course materials for 8 undergraduate archaeology courses (soon to be 16). The lectures, bibliography, assignments, discussion topics, exams, and visual aids are all included in downloadable form. These modular classes can be assembled in a number of ways. M.A.T.R.I.X. was created by 30 archaeologists committed to meeting the needs of a new generation of students who will face a new set of challenges, and it is designed to address the needs of archaeologists who will be teaching them. This project to revise the US undergraduate archaeology curriculum was funded by the National Science Foundation and was created in conjunction with the Society for American Archaeology.
  • Public Archaeology College/University Course Materials
    Syllabi and recommended reading lists for an undergrad/graduate level Public Archaeology course taught at the University of Houston, and an Education Department Social Studies course ,Teaching Archaeology K-12 at the University of Vermont. Also included are specific links for the Public Archaeology-specific modules, seminars, and lecture courses of M.A.T.R.I.X. (Making Archaeology Relevant in the 21st Century).

Public Archaeology Educational Resources

  • General Resources
    Applied Anthropology Social Network, Network of Archaeology Education Coordinators, Resources State-By-State, SAA Manager of Education and Outreach, SAA Public Education Committee (PEC)