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 lesson plans from the society for american archaeology

Eight hands-on, archaeology and cultural history-based activities designed for archaeologists to use with the public at archaeology fairs and other non-formal classroom events. Each activity is laid out in 'recipe fashion' with directions about the minimum recommended age, a list of objectives about what the activity is trying to teach, and preparation and procedure steps, including what materials need to be purchased or otherwise arranged for. Each activity has been successfully tested with children and each promotes a preservation message: How to report a find, how to protect a resource, and how to contact the State Historic Preservation Office.

History Beneath The Sea: Nautical Archaeology in the Classroom
Edited by KC Smith and Amy Douglass
An education module from the SAA Public Education Committee that is designed for both educators and students: it includes background readings for both, as well as classroom activities and resources. Student readings are geared for the secondary level.

Teaching Archaeology: A Sampler for Grades 3-12
A booklet from the SAA Public Education Committee: includes an introduction on using archaeology in the classroom, followed by four sample lessons and a glossary of archaeological terms. The individual lessons focus on the application of the scientific method, teaching options for local cultural history, archaeology as a multidisciplinary science, and stewardship.

Archaeology & Public Education Newsletter "Education Station" - Selected Lessons and Activities
These lesson plans and activities originally appeared in the Education Station column of the Archaeology and Public Education Newsletter, from 1993-1998. The complete set of back issues of A&PE is archived in PDF format.

Science on the Surface: An Archaeological Survey

Imagine Living in Ancient Times

Predictions: Reading Between the Lines

Artifact Interpretation

How Is This Used?

To Dig or Not to Dig Trash Treasures

To Dig or Not to Dig - The Copper Wells Controversy

To Dig or Not to Dig - Writing Strategy Cause and Effect Diagram

Preservation in the Classroom: Learning the Law

Historical Archaeology Meshes Learning Experiences for Kids

Picture This: Using Photographs to Study the Past

An Activity From Drayton Hall

Teaching the Concept of the Past

Telling An Object's Story

How To Become a Shipwreck Sleuth

An Introduction to Rock Art

Village Life in the Upper Missouri River Valley (c. 1740-1845)