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Battlefield Restoration and Archaeological Volunteer Organization
This is the web page of a nonprofit organization whose members are interested in the preservation and correct interpretation of New Jersey's historical past. Their main focus is Battlefield Archaeology using metal detecting, surface penetrating radar and standard archaeological methods. Among the many links, there is information about detectoring research with archaeologists at Monmouth Battlefield State Park and one link details a program BRAVE does with the public where reproduction ‘artifakes’ are discovered and then plotted on maps to demonstrate the researching of battle lines.

The “Legal” Artifact Excavations of the Manassas National Battlefield Park (Stone House)
In a successful team effort, archaeologists enlist the aid of club members from the Northern Virginia Relic Hunters Association to help locate potential Civil War artifacts in the area around the Stone House. This report, produced by metal detectorists, is archived on the web site of the NVRHA.

Metal Detecting archaeology at the Battle of Little Big Horn site
Volunteer metal detecting experts assist in a survey of the Battlefield.

Researching the Battles of Wilson’s Creek and Pea Ridge
Metal Detectorists Volunteer in research of Civil War archaeology sites.

Battlefield Detective (Discovery Channel) Episode: Metal Arithmetic
This web page presents a summary of the television episode whose main topic is the use of metal detectors in archaeological research, including how skilled metal detectorists play a vital role in battlefield archaeology working alongside archaeologists and conservators

How To Volunteer For Archeological Metal Detector Surveys
This article by David R. Toussaint provides ahobbyist's outlook on volunteering for an archaeological metal detector survey at Monmouth Battlefield State Park. The article(from the February 1998 issue of Lost Treasure magazine, Copyright ©1998, 1999 Lost Treasure, Inc) is posted on the State of the Metal Detecting/Treasure Hunting Hobby web page

Metal Detecting and Archaeology in England
This report by Colin Dobinson and Simon Denison (published by English Heritage and the Council for British Archaeology in 1995) aims to quantify the impact of metal detecting on archaeological sites in England - and its overall contribution to archaeological knowledge.

Volunteers Crucial in Custer Battlefield Dig
An early article by volunteer Warren E. "Sandy" Barnard, in CRM Bulletin (National Park Service), Vol. 8, no. 5, 1985 (PAGES 3-4), discussing the role of detectorists in an an archaeological survey of the Little Bighorn (Custer) Battlefield.

The Battle of Monmouth: The Archaeology of Molly Pitcher, the Royal Highlanders, and Colonel Cilley's Light Infantry
This report by Daniel Sivilich and Garry Wheeler Stone describes metal detecting research done at the site of The Battle of Monmouth in New Jersey -- one of the longest and largest land battles of the Revolutionary War. Members of the Battefield Restoration and Archaeological Volunteer Organization (BRAVO) located the battle locations using metal detectors to pinpoint artifacts. A computer database program written by Dan Sivilich was used to generate an artifact distribution map illustrating the residues of a portion of the battle. (This program, called Artitrak, collects and sorts the data which is then passed on to ArcView, a Geographical Information System [GIS] program that provides a map of the artifacts superimposed over an aerial photographc.) Daniel Sivilich is the founder and President of BRAVO. Garry Wheeler Stone is the historian for Monmouth Battlefield State Park (Sate of New Jersey) and is past president of the Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA). BRAVO members began conducing archaeological surveys with Stone in 1990.



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