Outreach to the Media: some guides and tips

Press Releases

Sample Press Releases

TV & Radio Spots

15, 30, and 60 second radio and Television news spots


Americans Dig Archaeology (SAA Fact Sheet for the Media)

This SAA fact sheet explains for the media what archaeologists do and don’t do. It includes a section to help media contacts 'Find the Facts'. Download this fact sheet here or request print copies from the SAA Manager of Education and Outreach.

Archaeology Brochures

These brochures produced by various archaeology concerns may be of use to the media.


Why are there two different spellings: archaeology and archeology?

The mystery behind these two spellings is explained in this brief summary
by Barbara J. Little.

 SAA Gene S. Stuart Award

The Society for American Archaeology annually presents an award recognizing the best newspaper article or series focusing on archaeology. Other awards by archaeology entities also occasionally recognize news reporting.