Welcome to the Fun For All Ages section of the Archaeology for the Public web pages.

People love archaeology for its sense of adventure, mystery and discovery. This page invites you to share in the light side of archaeology and have a little fun!

Artifact of the Month

What is it? Take a guess and see what professional archaeologists say.


Archaeology provides the setting for many novels. Read reviews and submit your own.


Of course, the subject of archaeology can make for a very exciting movie—just think about the first time you saw Raiders of the Lost Ark! But how true to real archaeology was it? Read the reviews on archaeology movies and submit your own.

CDs & Games

Archaeology can be enjoyed in educational CDs and electronic adventure games. Read the reviews and submit your own.

Boy Scout Archaeology Merit Badge

Background information on the Boy Scout Merit Badge Program including descriptions of Jambaree Midway booth activities, profiles of an ideal counselor, and explanations of how the merit badge is administered by local scout councils.

Letter From the Field

What’s it like to work on an archaeological site? What are the highlights and the day-to-day annoyances? Read letters submitted from archaeologist describing their experiences.

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