Selected Archaeology Projects in Africa...

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Clanwilliam Living Landscape Project
This community-based heritage and education project is establishing an accessible archive of historical, archaeological, and environmental information for the Clanwilliam area of South Africa. The project involves teaching curricula for local and visiting school groups and a job creation programme designed to generate sustainable small businesses. The project also reconnects people "with a past from which colonialism and apartheid have largely severed them". The community is involved with heritage planning and the area's heritage and archaeology are showcased as pillars of the regional economy.

Heritage of Slavery in South Africa: VOC Slave Lodge
This isiko Museums of Cape Town web site tells the story of slavery at the Cape of Good Hope. Included is information about an excavation of the VOC, or Dutch East India Company, Slave Lodge.

 Hierakonpolis, Egypt (Archaeology Magazine Online )
This interactive dig delves into Egyptian civilization and investigates early beer making. Hierakonpolis (5800-5100 B.P.), known as The City of the Hawk, is being researched by a team of Egyptian and American archaeology students.

Updated 11/30/2011