Selected Contact Period Archaeology Sites...

The following selected archaeology web sites have been evaluated for public-friendliness. Do you have a web page that could be included in this list of archaeology site web pages? Forward that information using the Feedback Form provided. This page remains under construction.



Fort Vancouver (Washington, Oregon) The Vancouver National Historic Reserve is one of the premier historical archaeological sites in the Pacific Northwest. Over fifty years of excavations have uncovered more than 2 million artifacts spanning the Native American, Hudson's Bay Company, and U.S. Army occupations of the site. An ongoing public archaeology program is held each year.

Excavating at Occaneechi Town (North Carolina)
The visitor to this site can excavate, set budgets and payroll, and use different sampling strategies to explore an Eighteenth-Century Indian Village in North Carolina. This interactive excavation uncovers artifact photos, plans, profiles, and artifact inventories.  You can then compare your analysis with those of the archaeologist who excavated the site. There are also video clips that explain various archaeological terms and procedures. This is the web edition of a CD-rom that is also available.

1804 Battle of Sitka (Alaska)
This National Park Service web site provides a research report on archaeological studies done in Sitka National Historical Park that discovered the location of the Tlingit fort built to prepare for battle with the Russian colonists.



The Izta Archaeological Project (Guatemala)

The Itza Archaeological Project is investigating the various cultural groups that occupied the Peten Lakes region of Peten, Guatemala from its first occupation by Maya peoples over 3000 years ago until the conquest of the region by the Spaniards.The project also seeks to involve local Guatemalan communitites in archaeology. This purpose of this webiste is to store the data of the project and to allow other researchers and students access to this data.

Updated 5/2/2016