Mound Earthworks Archaeology Sites

The following selected archaeology web sites have been evaluated for public-friendliness. Do you have a web page that could be included in this list of archaeology site web pages? Forward that information using the Feedback Form provided. This page remains under construction.


The Leake site (Georgia)

The Leake archaeological site represents a large Native American mound and village located in northwestern Georgia along the Etowah River. From approximately 300 B.C. until 650 A.D., the site served as a ceremonial center and a gateway between the Southeastern and Midwestern regions of the U.S. The site was reoccupied by Native Americans several hundred years later during the 15th and 16th centuries, around the time of Hernando de Soto's exploration of the Southeast. This extensive website offers something for all people, including detailed information about the site and excavation, artifact photographs, educational materials for teachers and students, and links to related websites.


Octogon Moonrise, Octogon Earthworks (Newark, Ohio)


Built circa 2000 years ago, the Newark Earthworks are one of the largest series of mounds discovered. This web page by the Newark Earthworks Moonrise Working Group explains the astronomical events scheduled for 2005 when earth mounds at the site align for the northernmost moonrise on the horizon (which as part of an 18.6 year lunar cycle).

updated 11/30/2011